How many hours do you practice a week

Yep I agree with elisedance, I was in a hurry so i just kinda rushed the question to see what responses i got in the evening.
Let's make the question more interesting shall we? :
I've seen the other thread about what we practice but i dont think anyone has asked how much we practice. How many hours do you practice a week? What do you practice and how much? Identify between social dancing, lessons, workshops and the time you dedicate to just practicing.

Currently I'm practicing around 5-7 hours a week.
On Tuesdays I have an hour lesson and right after that an hour and a half workshop. On Thursdays it's more practice at a local dance studio usually takes something like two and a half hours. On Fridays my teacher lets me practice at our dance studio and mostly I try to make the most of it and last for another two hours.


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varies wildly depending upon the number of lessons that week and the number of fitness classes I teach...I think now the bigger issue is...can I point to something concrete each week that my practice has yielded?
Lessee. Two one hour lessons (does not count). Typically one and half before/after each. 2 hrs wed eve, 4 hrs at a social studio - but half the music is latin so lets say 2 hrs. Half hour by myself reliably (varies). won't count all the time waiting for and in the elvator, office, etc etc.

Thats 7 1/2 hrs. Still feels not enough - wish the studio was closer.....

Wouldn't your question be more interesting if we also said what type of dancers we are? I do AM standard at Senior I gold.


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Heh. My teacher did/does 3 hours a day and I'm not sue he thinks it's enough.
All things considered, though, we should be doing at least 2 clean hours every time. It's usually less.


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Used to practise somewhere around the order of 10-15 hrs/wk. Now, unfortunately, I'm lucky if I get 7 hrs in. =\
This topic always interests me. I practice alone most of the time and therefore the time is spent developing power and stamina while working on 2-3 technical details.

If I practice this way, I am happy to get an hour in. Even 30 minutes can be a very challenging practice. I know when I watch some couples practice at my studio that they spent a great deal of time talking, bickering, working on one pattern and stopping to analyze (similar to lessons...). When I hear about people practicing for hours a day, I wonder how much time is spent dancing. Maybe some people just have incredible stamina.

I would say that with social dancing, lessons, practice time, video/technique book review and analysis, it's about 8 hours/week. Some may not agree with my including some of those in the in the list, but I view all of it as "practice." All time is spent on Standard.


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vcolfari has a point. The quality of practice is very important. There are days you spend two hours of basically talking your way through a routine to spot what's missing, and there are days when half an hour of rumba walks is a killer. What I've noticed is that I feel more like I've practised hard when I'm on my own than when I'm practising with my partner. That's probably because I'm not used to having one.

Interesting on the partner practice. When we are alone in the studio there is a lot of stopping and starting - and repeating a step to try to get it right. However, when we practice in a more communal setting its usually much longer segments, if not non-stop. So we probably do 50:50. The latter is very important since dancing is my main aerobic excercise.


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yeah lately I've been practicing a lot less than before, and I've been feeling bad about it... though I've still been making good progress I think....probably why your comment resonated with me....


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Definitely not enough, but all of it is quality time spent. We spend very little time chatting, we never bicker during practice, and I feel that almost all of our time is very productive. With how little we practice, it has to be. :)


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yeah lately I've been practicing a lot less than before, and I've been feeling bad about it... though I've still been making good progress I think....probably why your comment resonated with me....
sometimes all it takes is ten minutes for sometihing very big to change...sometimes...gasp...less

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