How stretchy is the Chrisanne Standard Platinum Shirt?

Here is a link to the shirt that I'm talking about:

Ok... I've lost weight. A lot of weight. 38 lbs so far. I have a lot more to loose: 46 lbs. I started out at 275 and I'll end up at 190.

I really like the color combination of this shirt and want to get it to use as my Waltz costume. But.... I'm worried about the fit. The only measurements on the shirt when ordering is the neck size. I need an 18" neck. I hate to order it only to have to return it and pay shipping and a 10% restocking fee.

So.. has anyone bought this shirt? Better yet has any big guys bought this shirt? How stretchy is it? Will it shrink to fit me as I continue to shrink? Will it fit me now?

I'm fine if it fits like a glove. I'll be wearing the shirt under a vest so that's not an issue if if shows every curve I currently have...the vest is cut like a jacket and hangs straight, hiding a multitude of sins. <grin> I just want to make sure it will stretch enough to actually close up neatly in the front! LOL I have a 44 inch chest at present and a 42" waist.

Also, how does it do at wicking away moisture?


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Congrats on your losing weight, keep up the good work, and it sounds like you have already mentally reached your goal of 190!

I have not used the Chrisanne, but I have bought an "off brand" as well as a Sapiel. I would bet that the shirt will stretch sufficiently, but your only guarantee is to try it on at a competition where vendors can let you try it out for yourself. A 10% restocking fee isn't that bad--just be sure to get the right neck size. That's the most important measurement.

It wicks pretty well. Are you wearing this with a tailsuit?
Thanks for the info and the compliment! I started loosing the weight after I won the Intermediate Line at UCWDC Worlds. I figured that if I was going to be an "advanced" dancer, I should *look* like an advanced dancer. :)

No, I won't be wearing the shirt under a tailsuit, I'll be wearing it under a vest. If you go to YouTube and search "txcowboydancer" you'll see the vest in action. I'm a newbie here on the forums so I can't post the direct url. The vest is cut like a jacket with lapels and a square bottom. It does not have sleeves which is why I am so interested in the Chrisanne, because the gray color will look awesome with the rest of my costume.
My partner wears the Chrisanne Performance Standard shirt. He says its absolutely awesome, very stretchy, and doesn't stick to you like a regular cotton shirt would.


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That is funny I came across this post because I just purchased the Chrisanne platinum stretch shirt with built in shorts for my partner today and it came in the mail TODAY!! The fabric feels great, stretchy and light weight. Seems to defy sweat.

My partner is 6'2" near 6'3" and weighs 190 lbs. His rib cage or chest measures 40". I bought him size 17 neck or 43 cm, despite the fact that his real neck is 16-1/2. The shirt fit him great lengthwise, arms were nice and long the upper arm was a bit loose because he has skinny arms, as a dancer who does not pump weights and only dances as work out.

He complained the chest was tight. He already owns the Sapiel stretch shirt (which I bought the wrong size 16), but in comparison, he said Sapiel's fit his chest better.

On the upside, Chrisanne's shirt feels great in the thigh/butt area and has long sleeves and body. Also you need to buy bow tie, separate plastic collar, collar stud, and it buttons with studs, which my partner thought would pop open (and he is not fat with 40" chest).

The sapiel stretch body suit has built-in collar, and buttons with sewn-in buttons so all you have to buy is a collar stud and bow tie. I'm itching to try DSI to see how it fits. Maybe the remedy is to buy him size 17 Sapiel, since he has squeezed his way through on size 16 (too small when he really needed 16-1/2). Hope this helps.


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The thing that amazes me with clothing sizes is that anything fits right. I'm talking underwear, shirts, pants, anything.

A shirt size "medium" is supposed to fit correctly? And a dress shirt sized 16" and 34/35 is supposed to fit correctly everywhere else (like through the chest, back, etc.)? Sorry, a little frustrating to me as in my life the off-the-rack clothes I have bought have so rarely fit properly that I've often turned to tailoring to get clothes that actually fit.


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Let me correct my post. If you normally wear 16-1/2 sleeve 34/35, buying the Chrisanne Platinum stretch shirt half size up. Size 17 fit my partner when his neck is actually 16-1/2. He is middle age, medium bones. You should get true to neck size if you are a teenager or in your twenties, under weight or people call you super skinny. Get half size up if you are over age 30, normal weight or if you are on the bigger side, prolly would get a full neck size up.

Josh: i like the tailor idea. people just come in all sort of sizes. medium can't cover it all.

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