How to deal with slick shoes

Don't, please! Or at least be careful! A ballet dancer did a performance at a Christmas party at a local studio a few years ago, and used rosin without asking if it was okay.... and the studio had to refinish the floor a few weeks later to get rid of the unusable spot after several falls and an injury during a group class. Not only did someone get hurt, they had to close for a day to let the floors dry. (I acknowledge that she likely used too much, but still... not good.)

Please remember that it's not just about your shoes, but about the floor. I strongly advocate for something that leaves no residue behind, unless you are the only one that ever uses that floor.
Did not know that! I don't know if your ballet dancer used the same stuff, but if she did she must have used tons! I only use a tiny bit (and not very often, because I prefer fast conditions) and have never noticed a visible residue left on the floor or sticky patches. Obviously it rubs off gradually over time.
Not literally. You want the “porridge that’s just right”. I prefer faster floors but too fast and you can wind up slipping and falling. Too sticky and you can twist a knee or ankle.
Yep... I can't even count the number of times I've woken up with my feet hurting because I danced in sneakers. Even in dances where you want stickier shoes - it's just not worth the injuries.

@10tmf - it depends on what kind of dancing you do. My latin shoes wear out fast. My practice shoes I'm replacing on average about once a month while practicing on a relatively clean floor. If I'm lucky they last 2 months... and I clean & brush them regularly.

If you want tricks, just use a minimal amount of water. It will only work for a minute or two though... basically just one song. Castor oil is another trick that some dancers use, but I just find that it lasts slightly longer and ruins the bottom of your shoes anyway.

Just clean your shoes regularly. When they wear out you'll feel it. Then it's time to get a new pair.
Thanks for the tips! I’m dancing mostly Latin and not always on the cleanest floors so that’s probably part of it (I feel like the don’t respond to brushing as well as they used to). That being said I could probably clean them more regularly than I do...time to get on that.

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