How to get a dancer's body

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In my opinion, the best way to get a "dancer's body" is to learn how to move like a dancer: with strength, grace, energy, and rhythm. In terms of training, train for the type of movement you want to be able to do. The science he is presenting points to this message, so it's a shame he couldn't keep the overall message along these lines.
OK, so I'm a wee biased, but this is great, and "danceKinesis", a program specifically about this, is a great way to do it.


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A dancer isn't his athletic body. Certly for a dancer is important to have a low body fat or a lot of muscular, but I belive that energy and rhythm are the most important elements.. So I think that having an athletic body is important but only to improve the type of movement you want to be able to do.
I have a sprinter's body and have always been told since I began competing at 9 that I needed to lose weight. It forced me into a horrible pattern of diet pills, bulimia and general torture. After highs and lows I have finally leveled off at a good point, though I am still muscular, and worry that judges might think I am still too meaty. I am competing for the first time in about 4 years next week, so we will see what happens!

If any of you remember Jean Marc and Frans from Canada, it's proof you can be "less than the ideal" body type as long as your floor presence, body position, etc. are spot on. Having said that, I still eat around 1000 calories a day combined with crazy amounts of exercise to maintain a 4/6 size. I guess I just got used to it, but I know some people find my eating and exercise habits excessive. How do you explain that I am normal sized for regular life while being "dance fat?" LOL. You gotta laugh!

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Welcome to the DF, Kelly Long. Jean Marc and France are friends, and they are tops! I remember when she singularly changed the way latin is danced (stylized).

Sorry for the hi-jack, guys. OK, back to the topic of fat. :)


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puh...real answer is pretty much give up most food most of the time...because I do all of that and more and it doesn't work unless you also severely limit your intake...or are ridiculously fortunate
oh no, I can't give up on the food, I'm a foodie, life is too short lol but I dont overeat and I like varieties, I eat healthy most of time, practice, workout all that, but gotta get back on Yoga and add some resistance training looks like.... Good article!

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