How to transition on this one?


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Potential for three or four dances in one (two step and/or polka, waltz and cotton eyed joe) but how would you handle the transitions, especially with the waltz being so short?


Steve Pastor

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You mean, you dance waltz differently than two step?
(reference to what I saw in San Antonio, etc)

But, seriously, there's plenty of waltz there, and a nice "break," too.
Do you ever use a Canter step in waltz? Two steps in 3 beats. That would work pretty well there mixed with the regular waltz step.

You could even stat doing Cotton Eye Joe when they start on that.

When Red Solo Cup was popular, I would pretty much stop dancing, look around confused, etc, when Toby was trying to come up with words to express his relationship with the the Cup.
And I seem to remember that they used to play a song that went from a nice two step "even beat" to a beat that favored night club two step.
Course, the gals I dance with aren't surprised when I do this stuff. New to me's might be a bit disconcerted

Most songs now a days seems to be the same beat, all the time.

This is a good one.
I'd request it, but the djs never play things I request. (Well, one did once.)

Steve Pastor

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~ 1:02 - 1:30 right after the riff on the piano.
It's pretty slow.
Listen to the sharp beats (maybe with a stick) and the intervals between them.

They must have had waltz in mind, too, based on the lyrics.

Now, it's time for a slow dance and we're waltzing, oh so close
It's dance time in Texas and you're the one I love the most

These guys are playing western swing style, especially the drummer, who is hitting beats almost exclusively (with brushes?) during the two beat feel (non waltz) parts before and after. That has been described as more felt than heard.

That even beats works for both kinds of two step: qqs qqs, or qqs s qqs s.

You could polka to it, but it's a bit slow for me and polka.

This tune has made my day two days in row now!


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It's definitely a fun one to wake folks up a bit on the dance floor. If someone could just remake it and add a bit of schottische in there, it would be a pretty complete run-through of the basic country dance styles.

(No, adding the Chicken Dance would not make it complete; that would make it wrong and evil.)

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