How would you dance to this one?


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You know, a set of "what dance for this song" answers all in one place could be pretty handy. Almost needs to be a spreadsheet to make it easily accessible though.


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I'd prefer a normalized database, myself. You know - one to many relationship.
Definitely ideal, but a bit tougher to implement unless somebody's already got the software going.

And technically, it would need to be a many to many relationship; after all, lots of songs have more than one option, and dances can go with many songs. Depending on the DB, that would allow for a detailed record for each dance, with notes and links to video tutorials.

Steve Pastor

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Thank Goodness for Kacey Musgraves.
I'll probably never hear this one at the dance hall, and probably not on the radio either.
And let's not get into why this song is so close to home.

Had to look into this a bit.
From "The Boot"

The song, which is a hidden duet at the end of Musgraves’ recent Pageant Material album, was originally recorded by Nelson for his 1965 Country Willie — His Own Songs album. But it was Musgraves, who brought up the song to the 82-year-old while sitting on his tour bus, that inspired the new collaboration.

“He couldn’t believe I knew it,” Musgraves recalls. “I just really loved it. It’s very honest and very country, [and] it’s a neat perspective.

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triple triple step step. Its all about that slower beet. To slow to two steep but triple ,triple, step, step. Or is it triple, triple walk, walk. It don't matter how you word it that slower beet needs a few more steps to speed it up.
You are right on Walk Walk triple t.riple that is the step for this song. Mr 4 you are a dancer. Glad to see you here. I was beginning to wonder about this place. But I am glad to see a dancer here. Hi I am new and you will here more from me.


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And if anyone says they should do that awful line dance to it, beat them unconscious, (senseless would be redundant) and stuff them in the dumpster out back.

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