Hudson Swing Affair - NJ


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Next weekend Sept. 4-6 is the Hudson Swing Affair a WCS event in Jersey City. No competitions. Social dancing and workshops.

I'm going !
I bought a three day pass but didn't end up getting there until Sat. night for the Black and White Ball. You must have left before I arrived. Sorry we didn't get to meet this time.
OK maybe next time! The BBQ was fun, and it was in a top-floor ballroom that was connected to an outdoor deck with a spectacular NYC skyline view.

BTW this was my first time at Hudson Swing Affair and I recommend it for WCS fans. The location was unbelievable, right across the river from NYC, with a train station right there that will take you into the city in 5 min. if you want to do some sightseeing. As for the event itself, it was well organized and had excellent workshops with top instructors like Mario Robau. It was also a laid back and friendly vibe due to having no competitions.

The downside is that many dancers, especially the younger ones, choose not go precisely because there are no competitions. That's a shame. Why does every event have to be competitive?

I didn't go for the whole weekend but probably will next year; it was fun.

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