I have no idea how to dance :(

Ok well I'll say this now, I am pretty young and have a big dance coming up. There is this girl I know that wants to dance with me and I have absolutely no idea how. Seriously, if they came up with a syndrome for two left feet, I would have it. This is a school dance so there will be no real dancing except for grinding. Even though my friends have told me that it is easy and you just follow the hips of your partner. I just wanted to get some little tips from other people, because I would still probably look stupid even trying to do such a simple dance as this. Please help :( , and don't laugh at me because I have never danced before :tongue:


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Hi fenixfrenzy87! Welcome. :D

Not to worry. DF members will come to the rescue. 8) How much time do we have to get you whipped into shape before your big dance?


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A dance teacher once said to me, even people with "two left feet" can still learn to dance. You just name them "left foot 1" and "left foot 2" :wink:

Is there no one in your family or friends that you could practice a few simple moves like travelling forwards and back or simple twirls?

As for "grinding"? I call that "rent a tile" because you are only occupying the space equivalent to a tile :oops:


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:shock: :shock: Two days!?! Okay. Okay. I'll try to remain calm while we map out a dance strategy for you. :wink:

Some questions. What kind of music will be playing (artists, too, if you have any idea) How much dancing do you plan to do? All night on the floor, or just a couple carefullly selected dances? And, btw, do you have an asking the girl to dance plan mapped out?

Two days. We can work with this. :wink: :D
Well theres most likely going to be rap music playing and stuff like that(thats whats hip with the kids these days :tongue: ) And me and her are going to the dance together, so I don't really have to ask her to dance lol I think we're just gonna start up when we get there. We plan on dancing the whole night lol
alright, im gonna listen up since this is such a hot topic. im goin to the same dance, and im pretty bad from my experience. the only time i can say i wasnt that bad (and im not sure since i cant see myself dancin) was wen the girl i was grindin with placed my hands on her @$$ and i followed em. i dont think i can do that this time since im not dancin with the same girl, so please, in dire need of advice. im still cool tho, right? 8)


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:lol: :lol: Oh suckeedancerr. First thing we gotta do is change your user name. A positive outlook is half the battle.

I don't want to dominate the conversation. Anybody else care to comment? Or does no one here do grinding? (raised eyebrow smilie here)
The first thing I would be looking at is listening to the type of music that was going to be playing and see if I could work out the "rhythum" of the music. Rap is pretty good because the rhythum and beat are fairly strong. Once you have that worked out, just try some simple swaying to the music, or move your hips side to side and see if you can keep going with the music.

Once you have that try your feet (remember, lefty 1 and lefty 2!). Just a simple walking on the spot to the beat of the music will do to begin with. Once you have this, you can start working on some actual moves, but the moves will be no good if you don't "get" the beat of the music.


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I had a feeling nobody was going to bite. I grind fairly well, actually. There's good news and bad news. The bad news is that many people find it hard to learn. The good news is that you're probably not a suckee dancer. You're just normal. Grinding is muscular isolations, which is just what it sounds like -- using just the muscles in your rib cage and your hips.

More bad news. You probably won't learn to do it well by Saturday. Good news? You can learn enough to get by, and nobody's watching. You were probably on the right track, suckee dancer. Take a lesson fenix. Just relax, watch your partner, and mimic what's she's doing. Keep your hands off her butt, though, unless she gives you express permission.

There's more, but I really want to give someone else a chance to comment before I spill it all.
hahahahahah ok well thanks for the help so far, she is coming over my house tommorow though, so I think I'm gonna practice with her :D But I still need to know more!lol I want to become a dancing machine!


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fenixfrenzy87 said:
Thanks for the help :D, does anyone else have any tips on the actual grinding aspect of the dance?
Stand in one place, feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart. Now try shifting your weight from side to side without lifting your feet off the ground. Now keep doing that but crouching lower and lower as you go. Now keep doing the same thing coming back up.

Now repeat but swinging your hips in a half circle as you go, i.e. from right-to-back-to-left and then returning it from left-to-back-to-right. After you have it down do the same thing working your way down and then back up.

Once you have that, try doing the revers, i.e. from right-to-front-to-left in one direction and then returning from-left-to-front-to right. Then try doing this both down and back up.

Once you have all of those down just start mixing it up...


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Okay. First. Attitude. Attitude. Attitude. Both of you must concentrate on feeling cool. And hot. And utterly sexual. No fooling. Grinding is a sexual pantomime. Bottom line. Think sex. Shouldn't be difficult, right? :wink: :D

Next. Plant your feet (preferably between hers LOL) If you start moving your feet around, you're going to look like a newbie, and you don't need foot action to grind.

Third. If the girl can dance, watch her and feel for her rhythm. Then, although I normally wouldn't suggest it, follow her rhythm.

More in the next post. :wink:
pygmalion said:
Anybody else care to comment? Or does no one here do grinding? (raised eyebrow smilie here)
nope :?: :lol: Here are my suggestions:

How about if we start with what the hands are doing :wink: and then work down towards the feet?

fenixfrenzy87, do you know how to "hold the girl" whether it is your left hand on her right shoulder blade and your right hand holding her left in an "L" shape? Don't worry, based on the tension of your hand on her shoulder blade, you can still hold her as close as both of you want :wink:

Another hold is for you to have both your hands clasped around her waist and her hands around your neck. Or, if you are feeling confident enough and playful, she could have her hands around your waist and you could have your hands around her neck.

If you and suckeedancerr know each other, (seeing as you are both going to the same dance) maybe you can get together and practise some of the more basic steps?

No matter what happens, make sure that you are smiling. It suggests that you are confident (even if you are shaking like a leaf) and that you are having a good/great time. Also, a smile tends to draw onlookers attention to your face, not your feet :wink:

Okay, so that is the hands taken care of, from my perspective.

The hips. The knees move the hips, not the hips moving the hips. Do you have a full lenght mirror? Yes? Good! Put some music on and stand in front of the mirror, feet slightly apart. BEND those knees and shift the weight from first one side to the next. Your hips should then follow.

(There is a "girl's game" called the hola hoops? You might know it by a different name. Female gymnasts use the hoops also. They place the hoops around their waist and by moving the knees and hips, they keep the hoop around their waist. In my opinion, it is the same concept with the hip action.)

Practise moving the hips (even without the hoops :wink: ) from side to side and then diagonally - forward lefthand corner, back righthand corner and then switch to forward righthand corner and then back lefthand corner. Meanwhile, keep checking that your knees are bent :!:

When doing this, the feet are flat on the feet and the overall effect should be a smooth swaying rather than a plain "bump and grind" :oops:

Okay, I am all out on advice just now. Anyone else? :wink:

Whatever happens, do let us know how you get on :D

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