I just went to my first Swing Dance...

Well, firstly, I'm surprised at hearing Swing dance. When seeing video clip, I found it like Jive in somehow. Read on the wiki, I note that this group (Swing Dance) is often extended to include West Coast Swing,East Coast Swing, Hand Dancing, Jive, Rock and Roll, elden Jive, and other dances developing in the 1940s and later.

In Vietnam, we are playing Jive and somewhat called 'Bebop' like a slow Swing. Music they often used to play was Modern Talking.

As a newbee came to the dancing club or dancing place (many years ago :) ), I felt ashamed. Perhaps for sever times, I couldn't do anything or dance right. However, when I overcome myself - my shyness, I could do that. Day by day, it's better.

That's a feeling I want to share: do not be shy, not care about other's attitude to your steps... Just do as you learnt. For others who're professional in dancing, you should encourage new bees, not slight or focus so much to his/her action which makes person unselfconfident.

Steve Pastor

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dancelike, welcome to Dance Forums!

There is much to learn about different styles of swing dancing (if you want to!), but that doesn't matter as much as doing it!
Ow, Hi Juwest333. Sorry for long delay to answer due to my work. Well, I play as an amateur, not good and also don't have much knowledge about it. Sorry for that :oops:

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