I like this performance formula :-)


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It is rather silly, but don't dis it till you've tried dancing it ;-)
While I know it can be danced to, it simply doesn't bring out any desire in me to dance tango to it.

Some songs really inspire me to dance, some are neutral, some would make me want to stop dancing and take a break (like this one), and some actually make me want to leave the room so I won't have to hear it (like pretty much anything sung by Tom Waits).

Different people like different things though.


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FWIW, the track is "La calesita se destrozó", recorded by Rodríguez in 1937. Lomuto recorded it too, and that says Fox Trot on the shellac.
Of course, if you go by what the record company puts on the label, the most popular foxtrot of all time is "Rock Around the Clock" :).

Wikipedia sez:
When rock and roll first emerged in the early 1950s, record companies were uncertain as to what style of dance would be most applicable to the music. Notably, Decca Records initially labeled its rock and roll releases as "foxtrots", most notably "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley and His Comets. Since that recording, by some estimates, went on to sell more than 25 million copies, "Rock Around the Clock" could be considered the biggest-selling "foxtrot" of all time.

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La calesita se destrozó nice translation of the merry go round broke down, recorded 5 months after the song came out on Victor in the States.

"Fox Trot" seems to have been used for decades for just about any popular music written in 4/4. Milt Gabler, who produced "Rock.." certainly knew his music, but, how to sell the most records?
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