If You Could Only Do One Dance

Tap of course... I admire ballet dancing from a distance :lol: (not born with the physique for that, Sigh! me doing the splits = hospital visit)
West Coast Swing - I'm effectively a one trick pony anyways...I dance some Lindy and Blues, but haven't actually been out to a dance for either since August. West Coast Swing satisfies all my dance needs.


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Poll ??

Is it possible to create a poll based on this thread?

Dances that have been mentioned until now are:

American Smooth Waltz, Boston
American Two Step, Triple Step
Argentine Tango
Argentine Milonga
Belly Dance
Cajun Folk Dances, Zydeco
Cha Cha Chá cubana, Cha Cha Chá street style
Country Waltz
ECS, Jive
Hip Hop
Hustle, Disco Fox
International Cha Cha
International Rumba
International Samba
international Slow Waltz
International Tango
Lindy Hop
Slow Foxtrot
Tap Dance
Vals Argentino, Argentine Waltz
Viennese Waltz

I was free to add Argentine Milonga to this list, and (forgive me) put Jive to ECS, and Boston to Smooth, and Triple Step to Two Step, and Disco Fox to Hustle. Please correct me, if it is not that suitable. Should dances be added, that were not yet mentioned, as Rock and Roll, Boogie Woogie, Zouk, Kizomba, Paso Doble, ... Don´t want to get into that never ending discussions on style and demarcation.
Veleta, Lilac Waltz, Fylde Waltz, Millitary Twostep, Boston Twostep, Britannia Saunter, Gainsborough Glide, Gavotte. Just a few Old Time dances to add to your list as well as perhaps the Gay Gordons. For me though it has to be any style of Argentine Tango!


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I would say cha cha cha at present...if I include dances I don't really know much of I would say that Argentine tango and wcs/blues would be up there as well, simply because of the improvisation/cretaivity/room to play that is there in those dances as well, as I find in cha cha cha.


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If I could do only one dance, it would have to be a dance that I wouldn't get bored with after a short time. So it might be West Coast Swing, or possibly even waltz. But it's Mezosegi, a Hungarian dance. Each of the Hungarian dances I have learned has been refined over many years into a series of movements that can be done well by ordinary people. There are only half a dozen patterns along with a few variations in Mezosegi. But I have danced it for 45 minutes straight without getting bored. The same few moves, over and over, but they're such good moves that I'm happy to repeat them.

We often do a 10 or 15 minute version as a warm-up before Hungarian class, and sometimes we can get the dj to play one towards the end of an international folk dance party. But we get to dance the real thing (full length to a live band) only a few times a year at dance camp or when a band visits for a tanchaz, so it's a rare treat.

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