I'm back...anyone care to update me?

Hey all, sorry I haven't posted all week...this was the first week of the second semester of classes for me :shock: Plus I am starting a new job and the team has been practicing for our spring callout, which is Thursday...its so weird, 4 months ago I watched the team at their fall callout and remembered thinking "Wow! This is so cool...I wish I could do that!" and now, here I am, 4 months later, and I'm going to the callout again...but this time as a team member trying to recruit people who are just like I was a few months ago. Its kind of a neat feeling :D

Anyway, did I miss anything important? Did anyone need any shoe expertise in my absence? LOL :lol: Everyone tell me how your week went and let me know what you're up to! I missed you all this week!!!


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Hi BBG! I'm so glad you're back. You probably won't believe this, but I was thinking about you last night, and figured that the new semester was keeping you busy. Hope all's well with that.

What's a callout? Like tryouts (shudder -- just had a cheerleading tryout flashback. Eeek! :shock: :lol: )

Um. Shoes. There were a couple updates to the how much do you pay for dance shoes thread -- DancingMommy recommended buying shoes from the UK online. Eighty bucks including shipping! 8) And d nice recommended a new line of shoes, Aris Allen, for lindy hop. I think that's about it in the shoe world.

Other than that, more of the same in DF.

And as for me personally -- a busy dance week. Dance classes this past Sunday and Monday. Dances tonight through Tuesday. Just starting lindy hop classes and re-starting salsa classes and parties. No new coach yet.

Oh yeah, and NeoDevin is still hanging in there.

Hmm. I guess that's it in a nutshell. Glad you're back. :D
pygmalion said:
What's a callout? Like tryouts (shudder -- just had a cheerleading tryout flashback. Eeek!)
Hahahaha...no, nothing like it Jen, thank goodness! :lol: Callouts in general are basically informational meetings that clubs hold just to get people interested in their organization and let them know what they're all about. I personally think our callouts are the best on campus...we hold them in the south ballroom of the union and the whole competition team comes and does group dances (this time we're doing the rumba, cha-cha, and tango), along with a few solo dances by select couples (I was watching Brian and our faculty advisor do their solo samba to Beyonce's "Baby Boy" at open practice last night...SO HOT!!!! 8) ) Then afterwards we offer a free cha-cha lesson to all who attend, and a Q&A session with the club members in which potential new team members can ask questions. I really think it impresses the people who come out to check out the team and gets them interested in what we're about. Its such a great feeling to be part of such an influential organization!!!

Yes, this week has been a bit hectic for me...but I think once I get into a weekly routine there will be much more time for posting :D Sorry to hear about your quest for a new coach...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :wink: And yes, Devin is still lurking about, as always...he actually the one that got on AIM last night to chastise me for my lack of posting :lol: Anyway, its good to be back, cause I got a lot to say...be looking for lots of posts in the ballroom forum :D


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Glad that you're back BBG!! :D Hope the new job etc works out well!! You have missed about 1000 posts if you have been gone about a week! :wink: Kind of hard to boil that down into a few sentences!!

Major news for me is that I achieved a breakthrough in my salsa dancing. End result is I dance non-stop, one dance after another, on Tuesday night. Then I go home and drive my housemate crazy for a couple hours before I try and go to bed. :) Other news...I'm going to try out zydeco/cajun dancing this Saturday as they have a workshop, followed by cajun food, followed by a good band. (I've done some before, so it's not totaly brand new to me!!) I might even be adventurous and stay for the club dancing after that, though I'm not sure if that's my scene if my friends don't stay on, unlike partnered dancing.

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