Improve Your Dancing Pt II

Vince A

Active Member
Do you want to be a better dancer? Don't think of music as just a beat to dance to. Make your dancing flow with the music. Music makes us want to dance, and it is something everyone can connect to. Most people only tap their feet to a song but we dancers can be much more expressive. We can, but do we?

Most every dancer's favorite, Fred Astaire, could really dance to the music. His movies can be rented for bargain rates. Pick one up and really watch his body, arms, head and facial expressions while dancing.

That's musical interpretation. Keep this in your mind while you dance. I know, it's tough to be expressive during a nice smooth foxtrot but think about where you can add your "special" steps. If the guy feels it in the music the lady does also and will appreciate the added touch. When you get up for a WCS or Tango you can really spice up you dance routine. Just adding a little at a time will soon improve your dancing.

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