Improving my footwork and speed?

Would you suggest tap dancing? Or is that not worth it. I know several moves in different kinds of dancing, but was blown away by some people this past week with their elaborate footwork, shines and overall neat styles they mixed in with their good salsa moves.

I've been practicing the Susie-Q everytime I get a chance and 2 other footwork variations, but its rare I see someone show a bunch of new footwork moves. The ones I saw looked all new or possibly borrowed form other kinds of dance. Made me want to be able to do those.
I see a couple options (I'm sure there are more.)

Do Cali style salsa, or learn "House" footwork. The house dancers have a huge range.

Here's one example house/hip-hop example. But this is just one example, and this guy has so much depth in that area he could do this 20 ways, it's just what he's feeling that day:



Much of it is technical. For example, people who turn slow tend to try to turn all as one piece rather than being able to use different parts of the body like the upper torso and hips. The same can apply to footwork. Turning the hips, using the standing leg, and other little tricks can dramatically improve speed.


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this worked for me...
practice some shines slowly, and look for a song u like.
begin doing easy shines slowly, but be careful to not lose technique.
when u fell u look good, get a faster song and practice some other shines, maybe 8 shines in 8 step, or even more if u feel u can...
begin slowly and look u dance in the mirror, it helps u look good.

hope this helps u

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