Improvisational Waltz Weekend in Toronoto Jan. 30-Feb. 1


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I wanted to go for this. The whole theme of improvisational dancing and the idea of learning the cross-step waltz sounds exciting !! Unfortunately, no vacation time to spare until the end of April :cry:. Since I know that there are some DF people up there in Canada...

Come to the Waltz Weekend in Toronto which is proudly presented by Odd Socks!

Waltz and Viennese Ball Weekend with Richard Powers & Angela Amarillas January 30 to February 1, 2004, Friday through Sunday, Toronto, Canada

This will be one of the best and most informative dance workshop weekends you will ever go to.

Learn to waltz well. Learn 19th century Viennese Ball dances like Viennese

Waltz, Swing Era waltzes like Royal Boston, and the new Cross-step Waltz

(Richard and Angela's favourite waltz).

Richard is a full-time dance instructor and social dance historian at
Stanford University in California. Angela is his main teaching and
performance partner at Stanford, and across the U.S., Europe and Japan.

See "Accolades" at to see what dancers say about Richard and Angela waltz weekends.

This is not waltz as in modern ballroom or strict tempo. This is waltz as a
rich, living, musical, improvisatinal and developing tradition in dance.

Location: St Joseph College, 74 Wellesley Street West, Toronto

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