In search of...

I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. I didn't really see anywhere else I thought it would fit.

Ok here's my plight. One of my favorite actors is Alan Rickman. Awhile back I was surfing around on the net and I came across something that said Alan was in a music video for the band Texas. I belive the song is called "In Demand Part 1". From what the internet posts said, he did quite an enticing Tango in the video. I'd love to see it, but the enhanced CD that includes the video always seems to be sold out. I did find a downloadable version but it was in RealPlayer format and of course I can't get RealPlayer on this computer :x

Any Tango fans or Alan fans know the video of which I speak and where I might view it?

dying of curiosity,
Christina :)

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