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I'll be traveling Aug 15-29 and be based out of Stockholm, Sweden. I will have some days off to seek out Tango and can travel if there is something of particular interest. I'm aware of one Tango resource for Stockholm:

I was wondering if folks had any recommendations for Stockholm and as well, any suggestions for places to go which might have something special going on like a festival?

And, if you have read this far, I'm also going to Iceland (Reykjavik) and have the tango scene researched so I know where to go/when, but if you have something to share, please let me know.


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Many of the events are announced on FB only so check these links : and

May favorites:
Milonga Grammofon /Pino Dangiola (fb) - on Tuesdays 19-23 (sometimes on Saturdays too check Pino's facebook)

Grönalund an amusement park - on Fridays 18-19, dance 19-22/23; (If there is other big activities they close the entry at max number of visitors; Be early to get in!)

Tres Esquinas - on Sundays 17-21

The weekend 25-27we will have Stockholm in a Close Embrace - Encuentro Milonguero event. It is a close one but there will be an opening milonga on Thursday and a closing milonga on Monday.
To Grönalund you can take a tram from Kungsträdgården (north) or a boat from Slussen.



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It will not be about the Argentine tango but eventually some about the Finnish tango at Kungsträdgård 24-26 August.
Finland is 100 years as a nation this year. It will be celebrated in Sweden too just if you have time to check it up.

The site is only in Finish or Swedish but i suppose you can ask windows to translate it to english.
Thanks very much for the information and the videos. It's definitely enough to get me started. I did not realize there was such a vibrant tango community in Stockholm.

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