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I am interested in taking adult dance lessons. I do not want to walk in blindly. I do not have a partner and unsure what to expect during the classes. There are two places of business in my area that gives adult dance lessons. Any information on starting dance classes, what to expect, how to prepare myself, and dress/ footwear is welcomed.

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After reading the FAQs and such, you'll probably get more / better responses if you ask specific questions.

Dance has many subcultures / divisions / whatever and what flies in one might not fly in another.

Do plan to have fun and don't be surprised if you get hooked.


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Check with the studios to see if they offer introductory discounts, and take advantage of them if they do. Since you've got two local options, try out each of them (say, one month-long group class at one, then one month-long group class at the other) and see which feels like a better fit. Don't worry about not having a partner: group classes will switch partners throughout the class. Wear clothes that you can move freely in; nice casual (e.g., polo shirt and slacks) is a safe middle ground for degree of formality. Wear comfortable shoes, preferably with leather soles; avoid rubber soles that prevent you from sliding your feet. Start at the beginning of the rotation (i.e., not in the 3rd week of a 4-week session). Get there early the first time in case there are forms to fill out (and/or check with the studio ahead of time about how registration works). Have fun!

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