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I just took my first "Inline" partner dance lesson at a small country dance club in Phoenix, Arizona, and I loved it! This is a partner dance performed in a line, but is not line dancing. The best dance I can compare it to, though they are very different, is the West Coast Swing. Dancers follow each other back and forth in a line. The man, of course, steps out of the slot for her pass-by turns. That is the best way I can describe it at present. It is a very fluid dance, fun to watch and fun to perform!

For the past hour I have been trying to locate a video or some footwork patterns for this dance, with no luck -- most search results return line dancing or inline skating. :( Happily, this Dance Forum site also returned. :D

The basic Inline Dance step for the woman is (with feet together) right, left, triple-step back, forward, together. Is anyone familiar with this partner style of dance and can you tell me how I can learn more about it? Or is it just that I have been under a rock most of my life and "Inline" is simply another name for the ????? :confused:

Thank you!


Steve Pastor

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Hi, Denise.
Never heard of such a thing. We've got a couple of people who are down your way. Maybe they'll know something.

What music do you dance this to?

Does the woman turn 180 after her first two steps, or no?

Seems like on the woman's next pattern, she would be starting on her left foot; since there's an odd number of steps there. Is that right? Or is there a tap step there?
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the prompt reply!

There is a tap step for the turn out. The basic step starts out in place: feet together, twist right, twist left -- and, gads, I'm reaching back to my elementary dance school days here (I am hardly an educated dancer, if you could not already tell that!) -- a triple-step back that is similar to a shuffle-ball-change with the right foot, left foot forward, right foot forward together. On the front turn out, for the lady, she taps out front angling her right foot in then steps out again on the same foot, executing a full turn, then forward, together and back to the twist, twist to begin again.

Apologies as I'm sure that it's not called "twist, twist," but I don't know the correct name for the step when, in place, with both feet together you slide out your heels to the right, then the left.

In addition to posting here, I emailed one of my former dance instructors, who was a competition dancer for years. His reply, "In-line is a home made dance that is local. It is only done in Phoenix. It usually is done to West Coast music and not popular except in local bars in the valley." (The valley is a nickname for Phoenix, "the valley of the sun.") Arizona... we're so different. We never change our clocks and we even do our own version of the two-step! So I guess I won't find any videos on it unless I make one!

I don't know who originated this dance, but it sure is fun!


Steve Pastor

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You can't beat a fun dance.
In a way, I think it's a goo dthing that when you go to another town you will see stuff you haven't seen before. After having to retreat from the dance floor in, say, Long Beach, CA at Cowboy Country, for instance when they do horseshoe different....
I've learned to watch for a while before going onto the floor! Sure beats the embarressed retreat.

Anyhow, glad you got your question answered.
Sounds a little bit like square dancing.
Sometimes, they do a 'barn dance' at the local line dance lessons, which is a partner-switching circle line dance that moves (slowly) in line-of-dance.


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Hi denisebel! Welcome.

Question: Are you describing one long line of dancers, or does the dance involve two parallel lines of dancers? I'm having trouble visualizing this. :-?
Hi denisebel! Welcome.

Question: Are you describing one long line of dancers, or does the dance involve two parallel lines of dancers? I'm having trouble visualizing this. :-?
This is a couples dance, unlike most other places (from what I hear) line dancing is a very minor thing here, the dance floors being primarily consumed by couples dancing with the exception of a select few "line dance songs" (I still like going out and inlining to the cupid shuffle.

The dance is indeed very similar to the west cost swing, being as the follow never leaves their slot, however, the basic step is different. the basic step consists of: 7 steps in 6 beats 1: heel pivot (twist, or whatever you wanna call it, in class I reference it as rocking) to the left, 2: heel pivot back to center, 3and4: triple step back (left right left), 5:right forward 6: together. Males step out on the forward together (5) and cue(6), females spin on 1 and 2, coming out into a tripe. There are 3 different triples (back, sideways, and stepping back in) for the guys.

Its really hard to put this dance into words, and its still not even easy to get it down in person. but its a fun, fluid dance none the less.

I'm running into the same issue. I was looking for a list of songs to add to my playlist for my class tonight, and ending up with crap. I guess it really is an Arizona local dance. This dance can be done to a broad range of music ranging from hip hop, pop, and even rock. I actually just downloaded
Adele's Rolling in the Deep for my class tonight.
@skunker- that video is a texas 2 step, or so its called here.

I'm completely lost on why some groups call it line dancing? everything I know says line dancing is a group of individuals (and sometimes couples) doing the exact same step simultaneously. Such as the boot scootin boogy or tush push. For some reason, I can't help but think of the movie pure country.
http:// www. youtube. com/ watch?v= FRfHL2P8wik

I don't have 10 posts yet, so you'll have to remove the spaces... Damn spammers
Here's a basic video from a demonstration.I wasn't feeling to hot that night, but it gets the point across
Hi Desertdance,
I removed the spaces, but still couldn't get to your video. :( There were some lessons given in my area this past week, but I missed 'em. I'll try to make them this month.

Yay! This is it! Thanks for sharing, Desertdance! -- and Thanks for uploading, Steve!

I guess I'll see you soon, Desertdance, because the place this video is shot is exactly where I took the Inline lesson the first time!
Thank you Steve, your awesome!

Were there every Thursday. My dad also teaches the same dance there on Tuesday. We'd love to have you out.

And I'm glad I can shed a little light on the dance for everyone here!
Howdy friends, I just joined the forums and I am interested in this Inline dance. I live in Texas now but I came from Phoenix. I remember the Inline dance and saw it often. I never got a chance to learn it before I left phoenix. Does anyone know of a teaching vedio of this dance. The vedio posted on utube is excellent but It is to difficult to try and learn the steps by watching it. If there is no teaching vedio I hope some teaching instructors will make one soon. I'm sure it would do very well.


They are doing a modified version of Arizona Two Step. It's a really fun dance and it can get very ornate. The footwork is trivial but the armwork can be very complex.

AZ Two Step is done at every country bar in AZ. It's done for tunes that are a little too slow for Progressive 2s (i.e. Texas 2s). The basic count is: 1-2-3-4 (change directions) 5-6. It's inline in the same way as bachata.

So sad that this dance is not done anywhere else besides isolated dance floors in Canada!

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