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Heya reb... posting past 12am local time counts as an IRU post regardless of reason!

3:30am here for me, so this is definitely an "official post" as well.
Breaking rules - its 8.15 am - and I'm replying to an IRU. But that IRU posted illegally too hehehehe. I actually slept. what it took was a late night dance comp with three sets of four-dances...
three days and everyone has been sleeping blissfully. Even the upside-downers are sleeping through the day. Ahhh.

cept me, of course. On the other hand, I do get to spend time with Nick who has just moved onto my chest and is nuzzeling my face. I may have to stop this - a guy could get irritated.

Now he is sitting on my arms as I type. Somthing tells me this cat wants some attention. gotta go :)
Didn't sleep so well last night. Woke up frequently. Was feeling really depressed for some reason. Feel fine today. Maybe it was because of a dream I can't remember. I have a srange mind..

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