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Sure, I'll check it out now. Kit n' Kat just dropped passed so while kit was busy I showed Kat some of your photo's - she just loved Martini and C. Wants to know when you can come and do their photo shoot.
Oh, and congratulations ED! I'm so glad that you had fun. Would love to have been there but I don't think my pocket money would cover a trip to America..

It's not only in ballroom that the injustices happen. It's happened to me quite often, not only in dancing, but also in debating and public speaking. It's just the way humans function.

My congratulations again. Take any pictures?
thanks MBB, its morning here now and I really do feel as I had a special dance day yesterday - like we reacheda watershed of some sort. Its a lovely feeling this morning.

One day you will come here, I'm pretty sure of it. Just try to do so when we have a comp OKK :)
Where are you all? MBB should be home from school by now and ED should be waking up - it is 2am in Canada. Well, she might sleep a little longer.
Still missing the others like SDS, TC, TE and WG. Please come back and say hi.
Are you still around Meow? I woke up as the house alarm has been playing up - it gives a beep every time a door opens and one of the switches is defective so that it starts to beep continually. I got so fed up with it I attacked it with a wire cutter. Finaly some peace....

Ridancer: I hope its nothing major that stops you sleeping but a minor bug...
Im here as well. I never come straight home from school. I always go to my grandmother's house and one of my parents pick me up from there. (Mum's a teacher and she doesn't get home until about 5 and Dad's on shift work so he's always a bit unpredictable). And my grandma doesn't have a computer! How on earth anyone can make do without a computer in this day and age is beyond me.

How are you ED and Meow if your still slinking around?
I can't complain. You?

I was home alone one day and a smoke alarm starting going off- just defective. I couldn't figure out how to turn it off so I got it down and put it under Dad's bed. The next morning, he complained that there had been an awful noise and he had had to sleep on the lounge. I felt so bad! Should've just thrown it in the pool..
That's funny. Didn't you think it would be easier just to take out the batteries? Heaps easier than removing it from the ceiling.
Did you get wild storms in Sydney today? We have had them here all day (wonderful, as we need rain) and are supposed to get more tonight. Here's hoping.
Hmm..That would have been the logical way to do it but I prefer to do things the 'Claire' way, otherwise known as the illogical way.
Yep had some wild ones. Storms stress me out because of power outages. No power, no dancing!!
Maybe we'll have a wet Christmas for the first time in a while.
A wet Christmas isn't that great. The last one I remember was about 10 years ago and it was hot and sticky and it rained all day. They say we are in for a very hot summer - YUK.
Haven't danced for 6 days now. Basically my only dance outlet is going for practice alone and I haven't done so in 6 days. Empty, boring days. I'm so filled with energy I could go nuts. I've got no house work apart from my laundry (which is not something energy-consuming). Everything is clean and organised. Dishes are washed.
Okay, YES, I could do those assignments. *grumble grumble*
Perhaps you need to check out some social studios? there must be some not too far away?
Nah, I just need to practice on my own like I should be doing. ;) It's just more difficult on my own and instead of sucking it up and getting used to it (which would be a very good habit in the long run) I just sit on my bum. Tomorrow I'm definitely practising because it's Team Practice, but I'll try to stick to it for the next 10 days till I leave for holidays, see if I get any "work" done.
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