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Trying to make this thread work. Can't see ED's post and my last post didn't load so here I go again..........If you can read this, then the thread is working.
Well, I am exhausted. I have to cook (chicken wings) and get water and nibbles together for the comp. They have their outits now - they look wonderful. They will both wear black for the rounds. They will change (if they get through to the semi) into their white costumes. They are exactly the same cut and design but one outift is white and one black. My kitten will retain his black pants. I don't know where else to post this so I figure it can go here. I am certainly not starting a 'kitten at the comp' thread!:rolleyes:
Hi Meow: Have we discussed costume changes before? I seem to remember that there were two points of view - one that it was a good idea for freshness and the other that it might confuse the judges - that is if they have an eye out for the good looking couple in mauve but can't place the new ones in aubergine!

I don't think I have read the perspective of a parent on a comp before here. Maybe you should start a new thread. Something like 'Competitor once removed' say!
Hi ED. I think there are pro's and con's for costume changes. But, in the end I guess it is up to the couple - if they feel good then......
Most of the competitors here at the Aussies will change for the semi or the final - it is usual practice so I don't think it will be a big issue but who am I to really know? It is up to them and their coach and whatever will be will be.
Maybe a parents thread next year when there are more comps. This is the last one for this year.
hello meow. Its something else before a comp isnt it? Though I've never done it for someone else - much of it must be calming nerves and keeping an even keel....
The best way of keeping everything on an even keel is to not talk about the comp at all.
He has his stuff to organise and I have my stuff and then at the comp I basically keep away. Sounds awful , I know, but it isn't meant that way. Parents just tend to make them stress more so it is better to be there when they want you and not go near them any other time.:roll: I make it sound bad but all of us parents are in the same boat.
Haven't been on for a few days. It's been really hectic with Christmas shopping and then I had to stay at my Grandma's house and she doesn't have a computer (omg). How are we all?

Hey meow, how was your kitten's comp? My dance instructors went down to judge. Was there a man wearing red shoes?
MBB - I'm just text-messaging Meow at the comp - just posted on happy/random that the kit n' kat have just made the semis. Waiting for the next round..... :)

Welcome back from the stone ages. can you imagine how hard it was to do things before computers??
MBB, who is your coach/es? I wasn't really looking at people's shoes but I know who most of them are. And it is worth watching on TV Xmas night.


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what's all this talk about dance? i thought this was an insomniac thread. (technically, i'm working, but since it's a sunday night and tend to just watch and not trade unless i'm just scalping 5/8 ENA crosses....

wow. i probably spent more time posting tonight than i did for the rest of 2007 put together.

i didn't see anything posted by chris stratton recently. did he fill his 2007 quota for irritating people with that nomenclature thread or something?

and for those of you who care at all:

since sept. the GBP/USD hit a 261.8% fibonacci extension at 2.11 before dropping back to a 62% at about 2.0180, that last drop concluding a "C" wave for you elliott wave theory fans out there.

it's now bouncing off the 50% fibonacci retracement from the tuesday high at 2.0673. while the daily trend is still down, the 60 minute 5, 8 & 20 EMA's look good, MACD has crossed the zero line and is zooming so i see no reason why they shouldn't hit the next short term targets at 2.0450, and again at 2.0488 at the 62% fibonacci - unless they don't! Maybe the queen's dog (not camilla - a real dog) dies or something. but that's part of the fun. but i expect the NY open to provide the next push upwards - again, unless it doesn't.
tsb, I take it you work in finance. Other than paying my bills and balancing my budget, what you posted was gobblygook to me.
In IRUland, we can talk about anything really, as long as we are in the right time zone or talking to someone who is in the right time zone. I think that's the rules but I'm sure SDS will correct me very quickly if I'm wrong.

MBB, were they judging on Friday or Saturday? I don't think they were judging on Sunday.
tsb - best part of your post was 'and for those of you who care at all:' thats where I knew to tune out :p

On the other hand, evidence now points to the inclusion of the calcium channel within the transmitter release site at the presynaptic terminal despite arguments to the contrary for the past 15 years. To me that means we can consider the release site a defined and highly evolved cellular organelle.....

There again, if I listen to you I may get a little richer whereas if you listen to me you may not get very much at all except confused.... :)
Thanks Meow.

On the note of coaches, what are we all getting them for Christmas? I've got absolutely no idea what to get mine. I was thinking maybe a foot massage but they're a bit expensive and I wouldn't want them to be embarassed. Anyone got any ideas?

I know this doesn't really belong in this thread but I wasn't going to sart an entirely new thread dedicated to 'what to get my dance coaches for Christmas'.
I haven't decided yet what to get kitten's coach. But it will be something really nice. He has been fantastic. And, MBB, you may see my kitten in the Aussie's telecast - they made the semi.
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