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I'm applying for a part-time position a faith center, which is an extension of my church. If I get the job, I'll be working with babies and very young toddlers. Without getting too philosophical, I'll just say this: there's a lot of hurting children out there and I've seen my share. I'm hoping I can make some sort of difference, even if it's just playing and loving on them.
Sounds great, Aura!

My best friend used to go to the hospital to hold newborn babies who didn't have anyone to hold them. I don't know exactly why -- the parents might have been in jail or something. I don't recall. However, it is important, as I understand it, for babies to experience human touch, and that was something she chose to do.

There is another wonderful program -- CASA -- Court Appointed Special Advocate -- where one can be an advocate for a child in the foster care system.

Playing with and loving children sounds great and I'm sure it will make a difference!
Don't want to give out too much information but I've set the ball rolling for one little girl. The world would see her as disabled but I see something more when she's at the studio. Someone unwilling to accept their circumstances and able to rise above. My heart goes out to her every time.

So I asked, "what if?" and did some research. I stumbled across one video that changed my perception entirely and let my hope soar. So far, I've presented the video to the Studio owners for review. The next step is to champion the video to the girl's parents for consideration. Copy-n-paste the following into google and click the first YouTube Video:

Jaquelline & Alex 20-08-2010


I am so hoping good things happen with this.


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This is our syndicate. There will hopefully be pictures of our old chestnut mare on Saturday. She's not going to be a racehorse or a broodmare or a champion show horse, but a bunch of total strangers saw her owners' ad on Craigslist seeking a soft home for a horse that's been in the family for a long time but who they can't care for any more, and in under a day we had over $1000 for her purchase, hauling, and at least the vet and some feed, and a person willing to take her, whether it's for the rest of her life or only long enough to get the vet out and put her down (we don't know yet what condition she's really in or how old she is precisely.) To say COTH is one of the most argumentative boards on the internet is a mild understatement, but if we decide to get something done, it somehow always seems to work out.


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@BenjaminT - beautiful video -- thanks for sharing! Hope things work out!

@danceronice -- Nice! Very cool about coordinating so many people to help that horse!


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:banana: my friends think that dance is a sport and I just want to scam and yell that you aren't even good and dance is not a sport:D:(

Wow. You have strong opinions on everything! Just ftr, there are a couple older threads on whether dance is an art or a sport. I'll try to find them. :cool:

Here's one thread. There are several others. I don't think we've beaten this topic to death for a few years, so it might be worth resurrecting.
Here are two things I'm involved in.

I'm serving on a committee of a local multi-denominational faith organization to help create a disaster ministry. It would help coordinate the responses of member congregations to local disasters as will as provide an avenue for congregation members to become involved in the response and recovery phases of disasters elsewhere.

I'm also working as a volunteer with representatives of our local Department of Homeland Security (formerly known as Emergency Management Agency) and the local office of the National Weather Service (NWS) to update policies and procedures for the sounding of warning sirens as well as to find better ways to provide "ground truth" weather reports to the NWS office, including those reports people already make via technologies such as Twitter and Facebook.

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When we scoot past someone in a crowded aisle or where ever... MAYBE we say "excuse me"... maybe. Most people never even acknowledge the stranger they are walking by. And I often hear people say "excuse me" in a rather condescending tone, I know I have been guilty of this. So I changed my words.

"Pardon Me" is my phrase, and I try to honestly "feel" the warmth of that phrase. I try to say it when ever I edge by someone or cut infront of their line of sight in the store... where ever. It is polite, and cannot really be said in a snippy tone, it makes them look up and smile, and saying it reminds me to be gracious in public instead of disconnected.

Small but powerful when you use it, you feel good for it, and gets a nice subtle reaction from those around you.


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:banana: my friends think that dance is a sport and I just want to scam and yell that you aren't even good and dance is not a sport:D:(
Ballroom dance is considered a sport. Hence the name dancesport. And it has been debated on whether it should be in the olympics or not, but those discussions have been going on for forever.

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