Instructional Videos?

Has anyone found that instructional videos in conjunction with lessons are beneficial? Has anyone had good experiences with instructional videos and any specific ones?

I am looking for 2-step, west coast swing, triple two step, etc.

Thanks and look forward to chatting more in the forums!


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Welcome Atxnguy!

I haven't purchased any of those you mentioned, although I have purchased a couple of latin and rhthym dvd's. I found them to be *somewhat* helpful, but since my goal isn't really to learn patterns, I find actual "live" instruction to be more beneficial to me.

Glad to have you aboard :)
I really enjoy the combination of learning by video and live instruction. I find that just learning by video is very difficult, but with live instruction added it seems easier to catch up and remember steps, patterns, terminology, etc.

There are some great website where you can search by various styles of dance for instructional videos. Visit my site at and then check out the links under Workout Videos.

All the best!
OK - unsure if my prior reply made it through - I tried posting links to a few DVD sites and I got a reply that I cannot until I have 15 posts. Oh well. I would highly recommend DVDs by Michael Kiehm (can google with "starlight"); also Joe Baker at the dance store dot freeservers dot com was very helpful to me and I still review his two step series. Robert Royston has several tapes out, and Mario Robau's tapes taught me NY Hustle. The tapes/DVD's definitely supplement live group lessons and have helped me learn much quicker. However I also take private lessons to undo any flawed techniques I've picked up along the way. Ebay is hit or miss but I have picked up some priceless videos (I would quickly get dumped by the dear girlfriend if I tried out some of the moves in the dance floor).

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