Intensives for relative beginners

A friend and I have been studying WCS for the past few months and are so hooked! Taken several privates and lots of workshops at MadJam and swing Fling as well as tons of group lessons Just starting to want to explore musicality, extensions , play etc and wondered if Robert Roystons Intensive at Trilogy of Swing would be too advanced for us. We'e taken level 1, 2 and a few 3 workshops at the above events and are comfortable with them. Any advice from anyone who has taken Roystons 3 hr musicality intensive?

Steve Pastor

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Not yet, I guess.
All in favor of "musicality," however.
2013 description of his intensive was supposed to "focus on the
Trilogy of Musicality in WCS
(3 eras/genres of music used)"

Would be curious to hear about it if you do it.
And here's hoping some has more knowledge about this.


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I would think that you would learn a lot from it and some of it would go over your head. Nothing wrong with that. Next time you do something like it you will understand more of it.

I would also contact the Roystons (or, if somebody is hosting it, the host) and ask.

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