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One of the top posts on Reddit today asked:

"Name your "favorite" double standard. "

One of replies was:

I don't like to go dancing because I don't understand what you are suppose to do."

"You just dance, do whatever feels right."

-Does dance-

"No... no, not like that."​


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That was what I hated about club free dancing. It usually went something like this:

Me: "What do I do?"

Them: "Do what you feel like."


Them: "That really sucked."

Me: "I did like you said."

Them: "You have to be born with it. You weren't born with it. Stay off the floor."
When you are around people that say whatever feels right, and what feels right to them is to say things critical of you, perhaps you are not the source of the double standard.


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I have an anecdote I will tell people who suggest that they could never do anything like what I do in terms of dance:

I remember, to this day, a school dance I went to back in fifth grade. It was at that dance that I had the realization that I think most people have at some point in their lives that what matters isn't how well one dances, but rather than one gets out there and dances at all.

So I did so. And shortly thereafter was grabbed by my arm by my older sister and hauled off the dance floor as she hissed at me that I was embarrassing her.

That was literally the last time I danced until I stumbled upon a ballroom studio at the age of 30.

Now, the intended moral when I usually tell this is that I'm not anything special and anyone stubborn enough and who can afford the lessons can learn. But I guess in this context, it's more that yeah. Society kind of stinks.
This is why a friend of mine does not like to go clubbing at all, because she's afraid of being laughed at. The funny thing is, most of the people criticising other dance moves don't exactly show off the 'best' dance moves either. But who are we to judge other people's dancing in the first place? Everybody should do what they feel is right and no other person should criticize them for dancing like they want to. Dancing is about having fun and clubbing is definitely not a competition.

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