Internation waltz "collecting" at 3&

Both of my instructors have said that around 3& (half way between 3 and 1), the feet should comes together so that you are balanced and so of in a neutral position before driving on 1. One of instructors refers to this as "collecting." When I watch Mirko dance, however, I don't see this at all. In the attached video, his feet come together in a sense but only because one foot is passing the other (after last step of chasse from PP). I may be misunderstanding the instructors, but the sense I get is the "collecting" is sort of a brief pause with feet together before the drive. Mirko is just flying through that position without a hint of a pause. His weight is nearly over his feet, but seems a little ahead. I would like some opinions on this. .


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Maybe it was about closing the feet on 3 of the natural turn or closed change, not about steps where one foot is passing another ? It's described that way in the books and this older video looks like we were dancing in my BR days a while ago ... since then, timing moved towards a bit earlier, so you actually close the feet (natural turn for instance) somewhere around 3, releasing another foot immediately, so that at &, it's already on the way towards new position ... if it was indeed about one foot passing other (in chasse), yes, it happens around & (here almost 1), but of course, it doesn't stop ... but is passing near other foot and you have to be in balance ...
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Your feet collect or pass through neutral when you walk down the street, that is the way your hips were designed to carry your legs. And you do not pause on every step, do you?

I don't think your teachers are telling you to pause and then regenerate power for the next drive. I think they are trying to make you aware of the natural action so you can control it and use it. And most importantly so you can notice for yourself when you collect incorrectly or not at all. And if it feels like they are asking, or if they really ARE asking, you to pause I would bet it is only because they are trying to emphasize the action so your body can be aware of the feeling of being in neutral.


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First we learn the rules.
Then we learn how to faithfully execute to the rules.
After that we come to understand fully the reason for the rules,
and then we can figure out when and how to break the rules.

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