Interview with Hanna Karttunen from


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I just read the interview with her. It is very well said and very inspiring. Please read it when you guys have a chance.
Thank you for sharing. I like these quotes about connection from Hanna...

"I would like to see more awareness of two people, really, truly connecting with each other. Not just the physical connection, not the eye contact, but something coming from inside, from their souls until they become one. This true emotion, and motion that the partnership brings out that richness of a dance. They become strong and intense through that connection. And they draw the audience with them."

"I love to dance, I love to practise. There are special moments during the competition, not necessarily when you are winning something, these are the moments of absolute unity with the person I dance with and the connection which forms between us. It feels unreal. It feels like you are in different place. This is very special, this is something I did not have a chance to experience in anything else in my life."

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