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Hello All! I just started to dance Salsa a few months ago. I joined this dance group from my school and learned the basic step, cross body, a few spins etc. When I went out to a club though I realized I wasn't as good as I thought I was. In fact I realized I sucked compared to most people and I felt really intimidated by all of the really good dancers and it made me not want to dance because I knew I wouldn't look as nive as they would. I would just like to hear about how you all felt when you first went out to a club or party.


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Absolute terror. Sheer panic.

It was one of those things where your entire body pretty much shuts down and the little voice inside your head screams 'AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH'.

The good news is that this goes away after a while. The bad news is that 'AFTER A WHILE' may take a long time. The clubs are always going to be intimidating. However, keep in mind that half the people there are almost as scared as you. A few tips:

Keep going back to the same club and get to know the familiar faces.

Figure out which regulars dance with beginners and which regulars have their snob face on. Introduce yourself to the dancers you admire when they are taking a break.

Approach an advanced dancer and ask 'Can I have one dance with you please?'. This will keep them at ease because even if you suck, they know it is just for one dance. After the dance ask them for advice on areas you can improve. They will always come up with something for you to work on and it makes a nice ice-breaker.

Find out if your studio holds student socials, or if there are socials or dance events near your school. If not, suggest that the people who teach at your school either have a social event in the school or an outing to a club together. Being in a club with your wolfpack is usually more reassuring than being by yourself. Socials take away many of the pick-up / snob dynamics of the dance, as most people are just there to dance.

Good luck... But keep hanging in there. Remember that all the people that you see in the clubs started out like you at one point in their lives, and it is only by sticking in there and overcoming their fears that they become the great dancers you see today....


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sorry u felt this way ino.. altho its perfectly understandable :)

but like it or not.. it does take time.. u need to be content to be patient.. never rush in the beginner/learning phase because as u will find out to later your satisfaction .. those who focussed and weren't intimidated are those who one enjoys to watch dancing the most in the longer run 8)

confidence is key, nothing can intimidate u unless u allow it.. nothing.. remeber that cause its true.. focuss on the music and its beauty.. on how it moves your soul and the ways that effects your body.. and the technicalities.. then when u look at others look at them in that same manner.. and maybe u will be pleased and positively charged instead of intimidated.. it all comes down to perception either way :wink: Cheers.


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Hey All! Thx for the tips and info. I might not have made it so clear in my first post about this, but thats the way I used to feel when I started. I no longer feel intimidated by anybody. In fact I enjoy watching the better dancers a lot more now because thats where I think I learn a lot. Going out to clubs dancing every week helps out a lot too because I see myself flowing a lot more with who ever I dance with. My intentions on this post was to hear other people's experiences when they first stepped into a club or party. Thanks for your tips, thoughts, and concerns though. :D Take care.


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My intentions on this post was to hear other people's experiences when they first stepped into a club or party.
:lol: .. seems no body wants to remember that feeling huh :D .. or maybe its sooo far back they afraid they'd feel old if they do :lol: .. glad that u doing ok.


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I never was quite at the 'near panic' stage when dancing with most women back then, but when I did get the courage to ask one of the really good dancers...I'd choke like crazy! Total brain lock :lol: :lol:
I guess I was really lucky.........the salsa clubs 15 years ago was nothing like it is today. It was more or less like a community dance I one, apart from the Latinos, knew enough moves to show-off.

The time I recall being really intimidated, was my very first exposure to full-scale L.A. style salsa back in '99, at Mayan Club. :shock: It was the first time in my life I was ever reluctant to ask for a dance.......

*I might feel a little different now....*
youngsta said:
Steven's on a Sunday
That's a place I gotta check out......

There was this other place called Mamagaya (sp...?), I also found some facinating dancers (Cubans, no doubt) in action. Mind you, my info about L.A. is kinda old :oops: .......

Love to join you all at the Congress....!

:cry: :cry: :cry:
welcome INO, welcome to DF, hope you have a blast here amongst us...

Here in NY City it is a complete nightmare for beginners. Anygiven day there are tons of too good a dancers busting out looking snobby and it really turns into stone cold terror just even thinking about dancing amongst them.

Like Youngsta, I was never afraid of dancing until it was time to dance with the good dancers. Hands froze, mouth dried, knees shook, beers didn't get me drunk... Ahhhh, the good ol' days!! Where did they go...


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borikensalsero said:
Like Youngsta, I was never afraid of dancing until it was time to dance with the good dancers. Hands froze, mouth dried, knees shook, beers didn't get me drunk... Ahhhh, the good ol' days!! Where did they go...
:lol: :lol: I love that boriken!! "beers didn't get me drunk" :lol:
borikensalsero said:
Here in NY City it is a complete nightmare for beginners....
I remember not being able to get nearly as many dances as I would have liked.........but I truly missed being in NYC.......the live music legends.... weeeeeeeeppppppaaaaa....!
youngsta said:
My first time at Steven's on a Sunday was sheer terror. All I did was watch the whole night!!
I had the same experience at my first Salsa Brava social! (Luis & Joby Vazquez' company) 99% of the dancers were scary good :shock: I especially remember that almost all the ladies were able to do multiple turns while looking up, with their heads tilted back like ice skaters!


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just be yourself.. ofcourse there are many good dancers..

everybody has to start form the bottom.. and ppl dont blame you if you odn tknow much moves or shines.. or whatever..

even i like alot to dance with new beginners..

so fun fun fun :D
I think it can be a lot more terrifying if you have to lead--because you know you're limited by what you can do. The salsa club I frequent in Nashville is filled with wonderful leaders who can take people who have never danced before and have them doing all sorts of things. You see a lot of that, and you start feeling pretty inadequate!

But what you do instead is ask anyway and lead those patterns that you know, and then learn more. Personally, I love dancing with beginners because it's a real test of my leading skills!


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hehe yeah.. and after the dance.. i ask.. did i lead good? you had any problems? no? you sure? and you like my shines? nice huh! ?


no just kidding.. but yes.. even .. new beginners feel more comfertable
after the dance.. and they even ask me more ;)

thats why.. i reject ppl.. to stop dancing with the same dancepartner

you never learn how to dance with other ppl too then ;)
It takes a while to get over those beginner jitters! I'm just starting to myself and it is hard not to feel inadaquate as others have put it. One thing I always remember is to not try and "dance up" like one of the top dogs is doing. A lot of times I'll see someone really really good dance, and I'll examine what they are doing, what I like, what I don't like. But I can't expect myself to do things like they do. Learn what you can, and then develop your own way of doing it. Dance with everyone you can...and you'll learn really fast what works and what doesn't!

Just work on what you know at first, I made (and make) a lot of mistakes when I try to do too many fancy things. Slowly but surely, your confidence will rise as will your ability to lead. I still keep things very simple...and always remember to dance with my partner as an individual, and to keep her safe on the dance floor.

One thing I've found, is that when I feel like I've ran out of moves to to do something a different way...and cater it to the lady I'm dancing with. Try and put some spice and flavor into the most basic technique (like the basic step or turn)...add some emotion you may not have done before.

That way, you won't be doing the same thing the same way. Keep it simple, but full of life. ;)



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indeed.. totatly agree

last time.. i had a dance with a girl.. who whas really good..

so i taked her on the dancefloor..
and suddenly .. my mind whas empty.. and forgot.. all the things i wanted to do with her.. so i danced only (almst) basic..

hehe.. why me :p

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