Irina Feingold resigns from USA Dance Governing Council


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The delegate with the largest vote count in the last election and the singular voice of the Senior dancer community has resigned:

"Today I resigned from my position as DanceSport delegate on the USA Dance Dancesport Council. I want to explain my decision to you, people who voted for me.
The decision has not come easy for me. I fought hard for interests of the dancers but after careful deliberation have come to the realization that I can defend interests of the dancers better by being an outsider rather than an insider of the organizational bureaucracy.
Let me explain the decision to you.
The current leadership of the USA Dance uses all means at its disposal to systematically push out elected members of the council and replace them with people chosen personally by the president of the USA Dance without regard to their fitness for the position. At times these people were not even members of the USA Dance at full standing or were members for less than a month, but were close associates of the president.
Loyal and devoted members of the organization are being systematically marginalized using means that I consider unethical and unprofessional, forcing people who have proven themselves as capable, energetic, long-term supporters of the USA Dance either quit or be pushed aside.
As time progressed, the will of members expressed during the election was ignored, diversity of opinions was discouraged, opinions of amateur dancers and professionals that did not belong to the circle of the president were also ignored. The transparency that was promised during the election gradually disappeared and members of the council who had different opinions were discouraged from discussing these disagreements with a broader community of dancers.
Dishonest tactics are used to push through agenda items initiated by the president and his close confidants without proper preparations and discussions.
In my opinion, interests of the members are being held subservient to interests of certain completion organizers. Hypocrisy runs rampant, and what is forgiven to the president’s inner circle, is used against people with dissenting opinions.
While being highly skilled in technical aspects of the dance sport, current leadership managerial skills are unproven, conflicts allow to fester and affect the health of the organization.
By being an outsider I will be free to express my opinion about events and decisions, and do what I wanted to do to serve the dancers and particularly senior dancers community without being pressured into silence, and enjoy the beauty of dancing again."


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These are serious allegations.

I can't help but wonder what meeting just happened, what decision just got made, that caused Ann and Irina to resign within a day of one another.

I've been to the site to see meeting minutes, and the most recent meeting minutes are from March.
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