Is a spinning disk a good way to work on spin turns?


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Maybe it's just my computer, but I don't see any pictures with your posts.

But generally, I think dancers practice dance turns and spins on their own - on dance floors, with or without a partner, but without some extra device.

If you get dizzy easily, you can also just spin around in your living room or something like that in both directions (with no technique), stopping and starting and trying to stay balanced, just to get used to the sensation of spinning. Look for a safe place, away from hard objects and sharp corners (e.g. coffee tables) because you may lose your balance at times.


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A natural spin turn does not have you spinning like a top.
1. There are weight changes.
2. At most 1/2 turn on a single foot.
3. A full beat for a weight change in the waltz, and 2 beats for QS as the timing is SSS during the spin.

I think your gadget would be counter-productive to practicing this. You need to practice footwork and transferring weight from foot to foot maintaining proper balance.

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going out on a limb here to say that since he is a salsa dancer... he isn't asking about natural spin turns in waltz, but rather spinning in general.


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I would ask your instructor to give you some exercises to practice rather than spending money on some device that will provide minimal (if any) help. Learn how to balance and spot and all the other things that are required to spin well.


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This is my favorite clip ever….
Side note: I had to up my turning ability early in my dancing for an event not at my primary dance studio. All the same, teacher at my primary dance studio immediately got on board with the project and sent me away with a bunch of exercises to work on. Next lesson he asked, "been falling into a lot of walls and furniture?" :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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