Is Salsa turning into a circus?

alemana said:
yeah, encyclopedia entries can only go so far. but it's good for a primer.

i love the web!
That wikipiedia is amazing. I use it for religious/spiritual research mostly, but they never fail to amaze me! I wonder what they have to say about coca-cola.
you guys are awesome! some good discussion here

...and awesomely proving my original response right: every "old school" crop always looks at the current norm and says "it's not as good as it used to be" just lke Salsaraalemana with her first 'congresos'. The older guys look at those congresses (no matter how pure they were lol) and think 'what awful commercialization blah blah".
so what's a circus today might be norm tomorrow and so on
In the meantime I had a lot of fun dancing last night :D
absolutely true. i like imagining myself old and cantankerous, bemoaning the loss of sunday socials, while the whippersnappers of tomorrow laugh and say "'twas ever so."

certainly it's valid to point out and miss some parts of the scene that have changed. appreciation for the music seems to definitely be missing these days. but let's not kid ourselves - cultural forms are 'evolving' from the minute they come into existence. if they didn't, they'd be way less interesting.
alemana said:
and DARN you for getting in good dancing on a wednesday night... i never get wednesdays!
ha :D I can find good salsa here on any night of the week, but it's a matter of balancing dancing with bill-paying obligations ;) (plus the cost of driving) so I end only doing 1 or 2 nights a week
clave said:
Hey salsachinita, long time no see. How's "The Plan" coming along? Tired of the circus?
Oh, I'm lurking alright..... (even if I don't post much). No update on "the plan" as yet......(Hey, SD & gang, any news on that.....?)

(oooops, hijack attepmt No. 2....)
alemana said:
and DARN you for getting in good dancing on a wednesday night... i never get wednesdays!
Ha! On Wednesday night I was at a gig -- the Spanish Harlem Orchestra. *That* was a night out! I danced, but not salsa. Many people were, obviously, but I just wiggled 'cause I didn't want to miss the show!


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Comps are comps, unfortunately. Once upon a time they were salsa comps that had a couple of fancy moves in them, a few elements from other dance styles, but it was still salsa. Now it's acrobatics on salsa music. It's a pity, but fortunately that's just comps. Social looks pretty okay so far.
Of course, that makes me wonder. All those salsa champs that go to comps, most of them know how to salsa the "old-fashioned" way, th e"pure" way, if I may say so. I wonder, what do they find interesting in doing a show that has splits and aeros but so little of the "pure salsa"? Personally, I'd feel bad about it. Leave the aerials to acrobats, I say.

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I have know idea what you are talking about with this thread question. Excuse me, I have to go feed the lions. I like them to be well fed before I take them with me to the club. (I don't understand why the club owner won't let me use the flaming hoops though.)

Does anyone else's fake nose get in the way?

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