Is there a dance that can improve my salsa?

Is there a dance (and what dance would that be) that I could learn that would improve my salsa?

An instructor recommended me to take a couple of months of Argentinian Tango. He said it will improve my "leading more with my body, and less with my hands" (I agree with that assessment).

If I am to spend time and money would it be better spent on Salsa, or does his suggestion has merits?
Every dance can contribute greatly to your development as a dancer.

There are schools of thought that look at the dances as completely distinct from each other, but at least for everything that is related with ancient European partner dances I'd say has a lot of basic concepts.
Hence in Salsa very often the quality of leading and connection are forgotten - to the benefit of show elements like spin and superficial musicality. There are dances where these are much more honored. So as long as you got a good trainer AND actually get to like the dance, these dances like A-Tango, Kizomba or Zouk can benefit you greatly.
Of course, if the people at the Tango school run around like slugs hugging each other, you probably are not at a place where the benefit will be as great. For me Zouk is far more interesting, as I prefer that kind of connection and movement while most Tango and Kizomba dancers here just lack the energy I am looking out for.

By the kind of questions you ask it is not surprising, that your teacher sends you to a dance, where it is much more about embracing the deep connection with your partner. So I think he has made a good point.

Very often Salsa is grouped by Bachata which, when done right, has a lot of benefit too. Specially as many moves are easy to change from one dance to another.
Sadly because of that often the same kind of mentality has worn the teaching down and the often seen Bachata Sensual in fact is a show dance, which is not about the connection but about showing sexy moves and many of it's proficient dancers have no clue about connection and creative leading. So chances are very high you will not benefit that greatly from it - although it is very useful for practical purposes.

Ballroom dance can benefit, but often times the ballroom dancers have a very locked mindset of dancing correctly. In that case it would be more detrimental.
WCS has many similarities to linear Salsa so far I know but depending on your scene might have more emphasis on connection - or less. Around here it simply is no viable option, so I cannot tell much about it.

Solo dances are mostly great for technique and/or musicality. But they often work against connection, as it is all about relying on yourself.

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