It Takes Two - Mezõségi


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Here is an opportunity for people in the SF Bay Area to get a taste of one of my favorite dances, Mezõségi!

The Folk Dance Federation of California (North) is sponsoring a workshop on fundamental partnering techniques as used in folk and modern social dance. Mezõségi was chosen because it is a freestyle lead-and-follow folk dance that is very popular with people who have had a chance to learn it. The modern social dances will be cross-step waltz and tango.

The workshop organizers will accept registration for a balance of leaders and followers. If you sign up as a couple, your registration will be accepted. If you sign up as a single leader or follower, registration will be accepted in equal numbers in the order received, so a waiting list may develop. I believe drop-ins may also be admitted as long as the balance is maintained.

IT TAKES TWO - Couples Dance Workshop
Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 11:45 am
Where: St. Bede's Church on Sand Hill Road at Monte Rose in Menlo Park
See the Informational flyer in the calendar at for more details.

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