Its a question so please help me out!!!

i just have a question can someone help me out?? well my question is how do you become a contestant on the the show dance fever? if you know the answer to my question can you please i-m me if i`m on which my screenname is KaPsHoRtNsWeEt or if im not on and you know the answer please e-mail me at or because i would really like to be a contestant its my dream to become a dancer and i would like to show my talent to people so please help me out......thanks kristi[/b]
I entered "Dance Fever Contestant" into the google search engine and came up with the very information you are seeking. Give that a shot-- google it! :wink:

On the page I looked at it had alink to audition information and the application... it also had a section for comments which mostly included dissatisfaction that contestants must be 18 or over and the fact that often times the better dancers do not win.

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