It's definitely NOT over!!!


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MacMoto said:
Thanks for the report, Lita and Lily -- great to hear you two had a wonderful time. :D

I was looking forward to a dance with Lita @Bognor but it looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer... :(
Looks like finally it's gonna happen! :banana: :banana: :banana:
well, I have been learning for about a year, and the fact that just 2 months ago I didn't have the courage to invite one single follower apart from my class colleagues, and that now, due to the classes and to going out a lot (3-4 nights a week), I usually feel confident to invite most girls in a club, makes me feel happy with the progress I made. As such, I think that the acquisition of confidence to be on my own and invite strangers is a far better indicator of current level and form than any terminology beginner, intermediate or advanced, although I may have a clue regarding where I stand.
I remember I once went to a club here in Lisbon, which is the only place open on sundays, and my teacher was actually the DJ that day. I was talking with his girlfriend, who is also my teacher, and I was telling her that I felt that even though I may feel intimidated by being surrounded by mostly advanced dancers, one has to start somewhere.
So now I try to invite most followers I find, and I try never to quit, even I get a handful of no's on the same night. But the best surprise was a very advanced follow who asked me. I told her I had been dancing for only a year, but she said, oh that doesn't matter. I felt this was really a great attitude to have, and I hope there were more people like her!
I have also lost my shyness and have started going out on my own when my colleagues are not up for it, since I think that it is the ultimate test to one's confidence. I hardly get any requests for a second dance, but still, I prefer to think about what I have achieved rather than what I haven't achieved.
And by the way, I was in the Czech Republic last week, and had a great time in the salsa scene there. I can reccommend some good places there.
Moreover, I am also quite excited, as I am attending my first salsa event. It is a small local congress, but there is a couple from Canada coming in (Orville and Sabina) to do some workshops.

Welcome, Tchaguito!
Sounds like you're finally gaining the confidence that goes along with being a good dancer! With this newly acquired confidence, you will probably also be enjoying yourself a lot more! Good luck at the congress! :D

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