It's Friday ... Are You Going Dancing?


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Halloween party at secondary studio tonight. I'll be going, but jsut going in for the demonstrations bit. parents are doing their open chacha for first time in over a year. :) But still fighting off this cold, so not gonna go in for dancing and get everyone sick. :p
Have just returned from group ballroom and latin classes this evening. Did not dance too much at the social as am feeling knackered from lack of sleep (only 1.5 hours last night and 5 hours the night before). Enjoyed myself anyway. Really wish that I had the energy for a ballet lesson this afternoon. 4 Red Bulls did not help all that much!


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No dancin' today, (channeling my inner BeeGees) b/c am in a motel in York PA, and without shoes, partner, or motivation, or even local dance. but have hope for tomorrow.


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no dancing for me either, turns out... wires crossed with planning. ah well...

but as you've said as well, JA... have got hope for tomorrow.


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Last night I actually got my husband to a Halloween party in a costume, and was thrilled that they had dancing there. Was even more thrilled when my husband danced with me till the music ended!

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