It's Friday ... Are You Going Dancing?


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Pondering going out to DCDI for social dancing... my friend is trying to drag me there even though I haven't practiced BR in months. :D Ah well, I suppose I'll give it a shot.

Phil Owl

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I got to try out my tango, enjoyed a bunch of good dances and ended the night with a beautiful, expressive sensual Bolero with a great partner.Friday the 13th was indeed my lucky day! :mrgreen:


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Went late because I had a server not come back up right after a reboot and I had to fix it. Ended up getting about 4 dances in, but one was with a cute guest, and was there to cheer for friends who did their performances tonight (one gropu number and a couple opens). So was good.


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waffling...depends mostly on dh...he is often tired on fri so prefers to go on saturdays but this sat they are combining the dance w/ the showcase...and that is really not our thing

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