Jamaicanspice here with a request

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Got back home on Sunday from New York just in time for the news that we are gonna get hit by Ivan you guys.....and this is no little storm either :cry: :cry:

please pray that it will downgrade FAST before it causes any more damage....I've been getting the news from friends where its already hit and it aint pretty. If this storm is anything like Hurricane Gilbert (over ten years ago) then expect to not hear from me for a couple days.

I will keep my fingers crossed (is this the right thing to say) under my pillow this night so you will manage the storm well. Here we say "keep ones thumb" if you want something nice to happen.

When I was three months old I moved from Montreal to Sweden. After a few days on the boat was hit by "the tail" of a hurricane. My mother was surprised they had so much of porcelain (cups, plates, glass). It crashed all the time in the diningroom.

I sleept for seven days and my parents danced for seven days. I never compained ...the waves rocked me to sleep. Or perhaps it was the tap from all feets on the dancefloor above.

I'll think of you Jamaicanspice!



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Best of luck, Jamaicanspice. I remember Gilbert. (I had a Jamaican boyfriend at the time.)

Hang in and keep safe. You are in my thoughts and my prayers.
Latest update you guys.....the hurricane has been upgraded to a Category 4....Hurricane Gilbert was a Category 3.

Grenada was hit by Hurricane Ivan and is reporting close to 95% damage to the island.....it is a total disaster there!! everything has been destroyed!!. :( :(

Keep praying guys..keep praying. :( :(


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I am. I am. After going through two hurricanes in three weeks, I've spent a long time thinking about what's really important to me. The conclusion I've come to is that people are the only truly valuable thing. Material possessions are nice to have, but they are relatively meaningless. So I've been praying that Ivan will pass and will spare human life.

May God bless you and all of yours, Jamaicanspice. Please let me know after the storm that you're okay as soon as you can. :(

i'll say a prayer for you jamicanspice,and may you have a safe journey :) .i also was thinking of you pygmalion in flordia ,are you ok? i have 2 brothers down there and there ok.
My family in FL are also ok...but seriously pygmalion....this storm is also supposed to be heading your way too and I really don't think FL can take another hit so close after the last two. So while you are praying for us here I will be praying for you guys there.
jamaicanspice said:
My family in FL are also ok...but seriously pygmalion....this storm is also supposed to be heading your way too and I really don't think FL can take another hit so close after the last two. So while you are praying for us here I will be praying for you guys there.

My thoughts & prayers are with you. I'm originally from Florida and I spoke my family this weekend and they're okay. I don't know if you all in Florida & the Caribbean can have another hurricane. It's only September 8th!

God Bless!!


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Yes. The projections have Ivan heading this way. Thanks for your prayers, Jamaicanspice. I need them. 8)

So far, I've come close to disaster a few times, but nothing unfixable has happened. I've come to peace with it, and given myself and my possessions to God. (For the agnostics on board, I've let go.) Whatever will be, will be. I'm at peace, because I've made peace with my God, myself, and a few select people. So I'm ready. Bring it on. 8)


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But for you, Jamaicanspice. Do you have a safe interior room in which to hide? A first aid kit? Bottled water? Water saved in a bath tub? Your freezer and fridge turned up to max? Batteries? a portable/battery-operated TV or radio? An evacuation suitcase with a change of clothes, toilet paper, etc, in it? Canned goods in the pantry? Propane in the tank or charcoal for a grill? A fully charged cell phone? Sand bags at likely flooding areas?

OMG, I wish you weren't going through this. :( My thoughts are with you, all the way.
by tomorrow we should have everything we need.....in terms of an interior room....the house is very small and space is rather limited...I really can't think of anywhere in that house where we could be safe and locked away :( we have gas and candles and matches...cell phones are always fully charged but I need to get some minutes on my phone tonight......everyone should be ok...will be giving my mom some cash to get anything else we will need...canned stuff etc......good thing I came back from vacation AFTER payday...I'm the only one with ready cash right now for any last minute supplies :( but hey! you just named some stuff that we haven't gotten yet! THANK YOU P.!!!!

news just over....in Grenada the hurricane reduced some concrete buildings to rubble!! :( this is very scary guys! even if by some miracle the eye of this hurricane DOESN'T pass directly over the island we are still gonna get hit with the rain and high strong winds :( I am really scared now....not even Gilbert was this scary and I went through that!! :( :(

I'm worried about ya'll in FL though cause you're houses are like paper walls compared to ours here :(


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Good luck to you and everyone who needs it right now.
It is really horrific to think of all the damage caused by hurricanes this year in particular.
Dig in Spicy.

Best wishes from me.

(In Denmark there have been a lot of talk the latest years about how the greenhouse effect, the shrinking rain forest and human interference in general cause more and more extreme weather. We are fortunate not to have any hurricanes around here. But if some predictions about how the seawater will raise over the next decade is right, then it will be pretty crowded here).

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