January 2003 Ballroom Music Review

January 2003 Ballroom Music Review from Dale Emerman of Notably Unique:

Hello everybody!! We are at Notably Unique hope you had a great holiday season!! Sorry If we missed you at the dance camp in San Diego of course we didn’t make it but oh well, hopefully next year. We hope by now you have gotten a chance to check out our new stuff on our website including the cd’s mentioned in this article. If you haven’t gotten a chance yet to stop by, we still love you anyway!! Not too many new cd’s over the holidays but let’s talk about the ones we do have.

1st on the list is Casa Musica’s “Ballroom Emotion” This is a follow up to there very popular series which includes Ballroom Swing, Ballroom Magic, and Ballroom Fantasy. This new cd has all 5 standard dances on it but it’s gotten to the point that they are playing the same speed for American waltz as they are for International waltz at the more advanced levels. I have to say that out of all 4 cd’s in this series, this one was my least favorite. Now all the waltzes are nice but nothing truly exceptional, and the tangos are fine but I have to say I couldn’t find one foxtrot or Viennese I liked. 2 out of the 3 quicksteps are truly excellent though. So depending on what you’re looking for, this is still a worth while cd. On my note rating’s, I give it !!! $27.99

The next cd is from dancelife in the Netherlands and it’s called “Paso Doble Pa Ti” For those familiar with their “samba pa ti” cd’s this is another in the same genre. Finally, an ALL Paso Doble cd and it’s actually good!
Problem is, how many versions of Spanish Gypsy Dance or Espana Cani (you say tomato….) do you need? One nice thing about this cd is it has 2 reduced speed practice tracks with no highlights (crashes). Thank 1 practice speed with highlights and than the other 13 tracks at regular tempo with highlights. The are 5 different versions of Spanish gypsy dance on this cd as well as other songs phrased the same way….If you need Paso’s, This is the cd! I give it !!!! $29.00

Next on our list is my favorite new cd in quite awhile. It’s produced by casa musica and I really don’t know who had the input on the tracks but I applaud them. This cd is called “Ballroom Choice” (as in Choice of London) this cd has the most incredible waltz on cut #2 sung by an opera singer and it’s just MARVELOUS! And actually all the waltzes are good. The tangos are all very strong just not original. The only foxtrot I didn’t like was the Gordon McRae cut on track 12.The Kay Star quickstep n cut 16 is a little too hokey for me and the Viennese on last track but Margaret Whiting has to go. Overall…. This cd is just excellent!!! It definitely gets !!!!! Price on this cd should have been $27.99 but thanks to the expensive tin they are using $29.50 (sorry about that.)

I was asked to do a list of what I considered the 10 best cd’s of 2002 so here goes. (You can agree or disagree if like but since I got the pen…..Here goes!!

1. Ballroom Choice
2. Ultimate Ballroom 5
3. Ultimate Latin 4
4. Ballroom Mix
5. Latin Mix
6. Ballroom Classics 5
7. Ballroom Fantasy
8. Ultimate Ballroom 4
9. Ballroom Magic
10. Calor Latino

Remember, Mention this article in the month of January and take $2.00 of each cd and as a special bonus…..If there is something from my top ten list you don’t have yet, mention those cd’s in your order in I’ll take $2.00 of them as well. Look forward to seeing many of you in February…For now, Keep shaking it kids!!! Dale Emerman

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