Jordan and Tats new routine (o7)


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Better live, but still... off the hook!

This routine was already discussed in another thread, BTW. We were wondering when it'll wind up on YouTube...
Yeah, I saw this one with my own eye in Coconut Creek. They first had the wrong music so 90 seconds in they had to stop, get the right music and restart. I thought it was great, but I think Jen and Michael have a chance to beat it at least once this year.

I see Pete (whom I know) copyrighted it. Didn't know you could copyright other people dancing...interesting. Shows you how much I know about current law.

I saw this routine in Seattle Easter Swing. It was pretty awesome, and the awesome was multiplied just cause Tatiana did it with a broken toe!

I was amazed that she could do all of that, considering that she was hobbling around all day. Me and a friend ran into her in a stairwell (she was sitting down talking to a friend) and talked to her for a bit. She said that she broke her toe an hour before they flew to Seattle, and that it only really hurt in the slow parts :shock:.

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