Julia Ivleva Fundraiser

Larinda McRaven

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Basil Issaev, Liene Apale, and Larinda McRaven are hosting a fundraiser for Julia Ivleva, our dear friend who is battling stage 4 lung cancer, with no health insurance.

The event is to be held on Friday July 29 at the McKenzie Center in Newton Massachusetts. There will be silent auctions and professional performances.

And most importantly we are donating every single cent to Julia. We are paying for everything out of our pocket, donating our money, time, services, and items... so that every single penny that comes through the door can go to her.

We also are billing it as non-studio oriented. All studios, teachers, students in the Boston area are pitching in and welcome to attend. We don't want this to be about any one studio... but about Boston UNITING for Julia.

As the details become more clear to us I will post them here.

Larinda McRaven

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If anyone in the greater Boston area would like to help we would greatly appreciate your time.

We need shows from Pros and high level amateurs

We need help with organizing some light catering (again if anybody knows someone who will donate or give us a break for the food)

We need help with setting up the place and cleaning it afterwards.

We need extra men to come and dance with the single ladies on the event,we are hoping to have a big social dance

(Last two positions hopefully could be filled by college students.)


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Boston uniting for Julia....I love it - should be a banner for your event.
If I was there, I'd be all in. Good luck, best wishes for a successful event Larinda.

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