"Junto a tu corazon" Which version do you prefer?


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Being asked for a performance: which of the two versions would you choose to dance to?

di Sarli or Garcia

I´ve linked Frank and Jenny Gil as well as Pablito and Mariella.
I would choose Garcia's version.

Di Sarli is a little bit undefined. Those rhytmical sections are like loose clutch.
And hiss sound is obvious at the perfomance

And Garcia rhytmical sections are very sharp and determined and sound is clear.
And if follower is expressive at rhytmical parts is would definitely add to that.

Song choice depends on kind of performance and the follower.


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...which of the two versions would you choose to dance to?

di Sarli or Garcia...
My personal preference would be the Di Sarli version. I also think it is more accessible to a general audience. What is your audience?

The Garcia version is too heavy on the bass sounds.

Part of the choice should be which version do you prefer?


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..The Garcia version is too heavy on the bass sounds..
Think you´ve got a point here. Although either is digitally restored the sound of Garcia-Rojas with it´s reduced mids is much more transparent, whereas the diSarli-Podesta version still preserves a hint of shellac-charm.
I like "Junto a corazon" especially for that pasodoble-like cadencia (with triplet). In diSarli´s version the cadencia is at the end ( 3:03 ) with a slight ritardando, whereas Garcia put it in the middle ( 1:36 ). Either dancers also emphasize this cadencia. You can find it near the end of the second photo of Jantango´s blog entry.
Garcia released "Junto a tu corazon" july 1942, whereas diSarli´s version already was put on the marked in june. Don´t know if they had tried out their interpretations before, so they could eventually knew of each other. I also don´t know if Stamponi (the composer) played it in the public himself. According to todotango Stamponi that days was part of Calo´s line-up before he changed to Orquesta Radio Antonio.

I also found a third and rather new version by Armando Cupo with Alberto Morán singing which I don´t like that much.

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