Just Curious... How did you find Dance Forums?


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I belong to a few other forums that have started Facebook pages. What winds up happening is that the Facebook page competes with the forum for traffic. So instead of looking in one place for discussions, now I have to look in two places.


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yea, I mean that most of us simply end up friend-ing each other and chatting about the rest of life that way...I didn't mean the fb page for the forum, which yes, feels too redundant
What I had thought about doing was making an infographic. For example, we can make an infographic about how long room dancing helps prevent Alzheimer's disease. Then we can link from this infographic on Facebook to a story on dance forms about this topic. Ideally people will then share the post around Facebook. It is also possible to promote post for pretty cheap so we would be hitting friends of dance friends too.

It is true the traffic is still very good even though the number of post per day is a good deal lower than say a couple of years ago. I just wanted to encourage some good conversation and bring in some new people now and then to keep it exciting.


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I'm in a middle of a facebook group as well... but freaking god the drama in that group is a bit too much for me at times.

As for how I found this place? Long time lurker.


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Just out of curiosity... what motivated you to start posting after being a lurker for a long time? Seems like we've had several of the new members recently who have said the same thing. Did the place seem intimidating at first?
It was right around when I sprained my ankle for the first time that I started posting here. I'm not exactly sure why. I also had a few friends that I went out social dancing with drop off the face of the earth, so that might have been another reason.


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I found DF with a search, but I can't remember if it was about something very specific or if I was just looking for sources of information about ballroom dancing.

I did not lurk for long, but I also don't remember what got me posting. My favorite threads are "what I learned at my last comp", "how are your lessons going", and "how are your practices going". I eventually started posting to those because I decided that if I wanted to read about what other people were doing in their lessons, etc., I should post about mine as well.
I think something that forums specifically have over platforms like Facebook (and something you might consider to attract traffic) is the ability to ask extremely specific questions, and the chance to, in-turn, receive specific, pointed feedback. That's what Reddits strength is, and why so many companies are now creating forums for their customer service platforms.

Buzzfeed type lists and infographs can work for this as well. They can attract people with general knowledge, and help establish the credibility and expertise of the site. What really helps hook people is then using those experts and the community you've amassed to answer questions no one else is answering. (Incidentally, that is how I found dance forums. I google a specific question, and one of your threads popped up answering it.) It might be kitschy to say, but advice and expertise is the "service" you provide to your public, so you're on the right track by marketing knowledge.

Some other things to consider (aka, some things that might be off-putting to prospective members):

1) Consider a facelift. It'd be a lot of work, but this site looks like it's been in service for decades with no changes to its interface or layout. There's no need for something flashy, but maybe consider a design that doesn't make me nostalgic for the early 2000s (which is older than most high schoolers are now).

2) A welcome page telling people what this forum is, who it's for, and how it works. I know this information is scattered throughout the different forums, but that's just it, its scattered. You force new members to go hunting through dozens of threads for this extremely basic information. I still don't know how your member tiers work, for example, and what makes someone a new member vs an active member vs a well-known member etc... An about page and a FAQ page would go a long way as well towards assuring dancers they have found the best site for them, and encouraging new members to join.

3) A lot of people seem to miss the community aspect of this site. I wasn't here for that (unfortunately!) but there are ways to encourage it again. Maybe create new forums just for celebrating dance accomplishments. Make it easier to share photos and studio updates so people can applaud each other and receive some recognition for their hard work. Similarly, create a forum just for kvetching or seeking advice about things. Breaking things up by styles of dance is brilliant, and can easily be imported into a new system, but right now everything is so general you never what you're going to find in each forum. Helping direct members with more specific forum topics and subsections may help as well. People don't like to work that hard, especially in their free time, so making the site easier to navigate may also encourage people to stay.

I should also mention I have already enjoyed my time here, and the community has been really welcoming. So clearly you guys are going something right! These are just some first impressions and "brainstorms" that may help you.


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thank you for your input...it can be a huge site to navigate...as evidenced by the fact that we do have spaces where much of what you are suggesting does exist but you haven't found it yet...which is something to take to heart


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I was on a couple of other forums before this one, as were a bunch of the posters here (some no longer active members). I think one of them mentioned this one at some point so I came to check it out and stayed.

And yes, I'd share an infographic.

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