Just released - 100 free Dance Moves in the 2 Step


My name is Luke Wonderly, and I wanted to let you know about something
wonderful that has just been released - for the Country Dance World:

I have created the "Dancer's Dictionary in Country Western 2 Step" -
(Intermediate and Advance Dance Dance Moves)

With over 1,000 different turns, loops, spins and duckouts - all organized,
categorized and sequentially numbered.

This Archive took me nearly 20 years to complete, and is the largest body
of work of its kind in the world. I have officially opened the website:

www videodance.com

and offer over 100 different dance moves that you can download, save & keep - in large 640 x 480 Size Quicktime movies - with both Real-time and Slow Motion views, Flash 320x240 size previews, and "Dance Move at a Glance" photo thumbnail series on every index page - for every dance move.

In addition, the Dictionary is slowly being translated (both Video formats & web delivery) into Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French languages.

This work is my contribution to the world, and I ask for your help - in giving the world this news, as I am finding it very difficult to get the word out.

If you judge my work - please keep this in mind: This was ALL written, created and financed through me - a total amateur who never did any video work or editing before . . . . I am NOT a professional Dance Instructor, I am NOT an expert on the 2 Step - I am just an individual with a deep love and respect for the American Country Dance Style, and felt a strong conviction that this historical work should be created and released to the world!

If there are mistakes - or terminology is wrong - it is not because I didn't do all that I possibly could (or tha a starving artist budget could afford) to try to attain to the highest level of integrity.

When you have a chance - could you PLEASE take the time to examine this Dance contribution - would you please try to help me by telling a few of your friends about it?

Thank you for taking the time to read my first post, and for considering spreading the news of this new work that is now available free - from anywhere in the world!

If you have any questions, or I may be of any further assistance - please don't hesitate to reach me.

Kindest regards - and remember to keep on Dancing,
Luke Wonderly
What a great idea!

We checked out this videodance website and were impressed with all the work that has gone into putting the portion of the video-clip dance-move library that has been offered for free. Lots of cross-referencing and organization...

This videodance website is really worth checking out! :D:D

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