Keeping competition earrings on - advice!


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For the last year that I've danced amateur standard and latin, I've worn some earrings I found at a shopping mall. They're fine, but small. I'd like to wear something larger and I've been looking at vendors. The ones I used to wear had posts, but I see that clips are also popular/recommended. Is one style better than the other for dance? I've never worn clips.
I get this question all the time. Clips work great, be sure to use some eyelash glue on both sides that touch your ear. Do this far enough ahead of time so that it drys completely before you dance.

Options for you, dangle earrings with a closed french hook, or pierced earring with a large surface that can be "eyelash" glued to your ear, clip. Get some good earring, they pick up sparkle better and you can wear them for years.

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