Kevin and Carla's Dance Fever routine.



WMV is the devil :twisted: I can never watch video in that format, my computer doesn't even like it after getting the proper codex. *shrug* Bummer, I'll have to catch it later. But K&C have long been at the "top of the class" for modern freestyle Lindy Hop, I look forward to watching it.


Vince A

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funkyfreak said:
WMV is the devil :twisted:
WMV - Weapon of Mass Vulgarities, which is what I get to while waiting to download their stuff.
My in-house work computer and the computer at my desk at work, can download it less than 5 seconds.
This Pentium 4, 2.8 would take 45 minutes to an hour to download it.

FWIW, I did download and watch it at work today. It is worth it!

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