Kid's Age for Dance Classes

Some may criticize you for pushing your child to dance at an age as young as three years. But what if your child has the passion for dance? Will you consider your toddler’s age and discourage them from joining a studio?


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If you can find a studio that offers truly age appropriate classes for toddlers, go for it. And if s/he likes it, continue it. Just keep expectations low for the first few years, and re-evaluate the interest level as you go.


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I wouldn't assume a three-year-old is intellectually capable of having a "passion" for anything, and would consider only "classes" very specifically tailored to toddlers, as they don't have the attention span or the motor skills necessary for any kind of serious athletic training.
This. Most toddler "dancing" is a mess of kids running around, very occasionally doing something simple in quasi-unison like raising both arms above the head, or turning around once. Trust me, I've seen the videos from my cousin who has her kid enrolled.

Most dance studios (jazz/ballet/tap/modern) around here have classes for 3 & up, I've even seen 18 months and up, but it's really just one of many variations on how to spend money taking your toddler to a place where they can move around with other kids. I would love for my 3 y.o. to dance, and he does like to bop around to music and recognizes it as "dancing", but he is definitely not ready for a dance studio environment, even one geared towards kids his age (who will be mostly girls that on average at that age have slightly better attention spans and ability to stand somewhat still and follow directions). For now he is in gymnastics which seems to be working out.

FWIW, I'm much more concerned about discouraging my toddler from things like shoving Playdough up his nose and kicking the dishwasher. They are not really intellectually capable of having rational adult discussions about their hobbies and interests.

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