kinda dumb question but...

this is kind of silly question but....regarding pointing of toes. I am incapable of making a straight line from my shins to the tip of my toes...I heard of ballet gadgets that stretches the foot to make it more straighter. I was wonder if anyone has the same problem of making a straight line for the leg all the way down to the toes. :confused:


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Foot stretchers will only work if the problem is muscular. If it is the way that your ankle and foot bones are constructed, no amount of stretching will make that better. While some people (read: adults whose joints and bones are fully formed) can improve their point with work, some will never be able to get to or beyond that vertical line... you've got to work with what you've got, and SAFELY, while working to improve.

I recommend against foot stretchers. They can do really terrible things to your feet and can put a lot of strain on your Achilles. Read about risks here:

What does work:
- safer stretches. See
- strengthening your feet and ankles. Try things like: or or
- learning how to point properly. See:

While I've always had a fairly decent point, strengthening and learning how to properly articulate my foot made a big difference for me. Stretching didn't do much/anything at all.


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Also recommend against foot stretchers. Good stretching exercises for increasing ankle flexibility (in addition to FF's post above, which has some really good ones): Eric Franklin has some awesome foot and ankle work in his books, with imagery and therabands. But the absolute empress of foot fitness is Yamuna. Since I started using her foot wakers, foot savers, and balls *regularly* my feet have changed completely. I also use Bongers on my ankles, and spend a lot of time on the stairs in my home basically doing rise-and-fall on each riser, using my ankles for that motion, not knees or hips. Plus, there's a pinch-y thing that Teach did to me one day that upped the flexibility on my ankles by a factor of 10. If we're ever at the same place/same time, I'll show you; it's hard to do on yourself, a partner helps, but it can be done.

FWIW, when I started all this, I had totally flat, inflexible feet, with zero ankle movement; I walked like Frankenstein. Not any more.
without seeing your feet, i can't say what the issue is, but i'd actually guess that the problem is a strength problem and not a flexibility problem. do lots of releves and other foot exercises -- try looking on youtube for ballet feet exercises. calf strength is also important, as is understanding how to obtain a proper turn out so you're supporting your weight on the inside edge. All of this helps you get a better point.
thanks guys, much appreciate the advice. will look into all of the mention. Im just guessing the fact that high heels will automatically form the feet into a pointed position?


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I also notice that it is harder to point in some shoes, and others it is easy. Is your problem with pointing while you are bare foot, or with shoes? if it is while you have your shoes on, maybe it is the shoe which is making the problem?

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