Knock off the spam, passion 4 dancing


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I'm not sure I understand the question, exactly, but if it is one user pestering you, try blocking them? Or change your settings on who can send you PMs (if they are sending you PMs) perhaps?


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I'm surprised they haven't tried to bombard df yet. Probably should have relegated my gripe to the whining thread, but I can't be the only person to have been at least mildly annoyed by this and 'dance ninja' ads in various places.

Larinda McRaven

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Passion 4 Dancing is a website for a studio in the Boston area run by a guy, Leonid. He is a great guy. It is not spam, it is not fake. He has been on DF before and delivers really nice articles and interviews. So he bought some google ads, eh? Is that a crime?


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If this thread's a problem, then delete it. No offense taken (eh?). I just know that spam is unsolicited contact. I'm sure he's great if Larinda says so.
I don't know of any spam, but we do manage the ads here, and they help us keep DF going. Appreciate the concern and we do try to look out for spam (including a lot that is done behind the scenes).


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Hmmm, dunno either. There's a fair amount of "necro-posting" going on (is that the term for responding to a years-old-post?), but it is not via passion4dancing.

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